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What is the best surgery for spinal stenosis?

What is the best surgery for spinal stenosis?

Laminectomy. A lumbar laminectomy is the most common surgical treatment for spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine. This particular surgery can address both facet spinal stenosis and stenosis found in the main canal. A surgeon will typically take a dorsal approach and slice open the area of the lumbar spine from the back.

What is the latest surgery for spinal stenosis?

Physician Partners of America now offers this minimally invasive procedure, known as the Superion Indirect Compression System, at its Texas Pain Relief Group and Florida Pain Relief Group locations. This spinal stenosis treatment has even helped some patients leave their wheelchairs behind.

What kind of surgery is needed for spinal stenosis?

What is the surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis? Decompressive laminectomy is the most common type of surgery to treat lumbar spinal stenosis. This surgery is done to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve roots.

How long does it take to recover from lumbar spinal stenosis surgery?

Typically 4-6 weeks after surgery, you can return to regular movements and life. Full results from pain relief might take up to 6 months. During this time, it is essential to undergo outpatient physical therapy sessions to learn how to move correctly.

Can spinal stenosis be fixed by surgery?

Surgery to decompress the area of stenosis is the most definitive way to try to resolve symptoms of spinal stenosis. Research shows that spine surgeries result in fewer complications when done by highly experienced surgeons. Don’t hesitate to ask about your surgeon’s experience with spinal stenosis surgery.

Is walking bad for spinal stenosis?

Walking is a good exercise for spinal stenosis. It’s low impact, and you control the pace and distance. However, if walking triggers your symptoms, choose a different type of exercise. Discuss alternative movement options with your doctor.

How is a laminectomy used to treat spinal stenosis?

The surgery involves removal of all or part of the lamina (posterior part of the vertebra) to provide more space for the compressed spinal cord and/or nerve roots. A lumbar laminectomy is an open surgery that is performed to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement due to spinal stenosis.

What kind of surgery is done for lumbar stenosis?

A lumbar laminectomy is also known as an open decompression and typically performed to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement that can result from lumbar spinal stenosis. See Lumbar (Low Back) Stenosis Surgery.

What happens when you have spinal stenosis surgery?

If you’ve lost sensation in your arms or legs, your surgeon also hopes to restore that. By giving your spinal cord and nerve roots more space to pass through, your spine surgeon hopes to decrease your pain from nerve inflammation. Typically, surgeons use 2 surgical techniques for spinal stenosis surgery.

Who is the best surgeon for spinal stenosis?

Stuart Hershman, MD, is a board-certified spine surgeon. He specializes in spinal deformity and complex spinal reconstruction. Recovery from spinal stenosis surgery can vary based on what type of procedure was performed and the number of vertebrae operated on.