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What is the best town to stay in the Cotswolds?

What is the best town to stay in the Cotswolds?

10 best places to stay in the Cotswolds

  • Burford: best for afternoon tea.
  • Bibury: best for view seekers.
  • Gloucester: best for shopping.
  • Chipping Norton: best for couples.
  • Broadway: best for art lovers.
  • Tewkesbury: best for history buffs.
  • Cirencester: best for family fun.
  • Stroud: best for foodies.

Which is the prettiest village in the Cotswolds?

Castle Combe
Castle Combe – the prettiest village in England Tucked in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north west Wiltshire, Castle Combe is often called “the prettiest village in England.” It’s certainly one of the prettiest Cotswolds villages to visit.

What is the best part of the Cotswolds?

Here are 27 of the best places to visit the next time you’re in the Cotswolds.

  1. Bourton on the Water. Often dubbed the “Venice of the Cotswolds”, this beautiful village is a great little place to walk around and enjoy the scenery.
  2. Cirencester.
  3. Chipping Campden.
  4. Bath.
  5. Stow on the Wold.
  6. Moreton in Marsh.
  7. Naunton.
  8. Burford.

Where is the prettiest place in the Cotswolds?

Whether you’re simply passing through or enjoying a holiday here, don’t miss out on visiting some of the prettiest villages in the Cotswolds.

  • Cirencester.
  • Castle Combe.
  • Chipping Campden.
  • Blockley.
  • Stow-on-the-Wold.
  • Stanton.
  • Tetbury.
  • Painswick.

Where can I base myself in the Cotswolds?

What is this? Just outside Bath, Castle Combe is nestled between forested hills and a meandering river. It’s regularly regarded as one of the most picturesque villages in the country and a great spot to base yourself for a weekend in the Cotswolds.

How many days should I spend in the Cotswolds?

You’ll need a car and 3 to 5 days. Or do you want to take a one-day tour to get a sample of the Cotswolds, and will not have a car? Then a tour such as Go Cotswolds might be for you. As Claudia said, the very popular Bourton-On-The-Water is very crowded in the summer.

What is the best time of year to visit the Cotswolds?

Spring and autumn months (March to May and September to November) are ideal times of year to visit the Cotswolds. Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves on the trees or the spring flowers as you explore the villages and countryside.

Where do the Beckhams live Cotswolds?

Chipping Norton
In December 2018 Beckham revealed that he had bought an Estonian igloo/sauna for his Cotswolds estate – the perfect idea for the man who has everything. The house is near Chipping Norton and a stone’s throw away from the celebrity-beloved Soho Farmhouse.

Can you visit the Cotswolds without a car?

Yes, you can explore the Cotswolds without a car, but you’ll only be able to visit a limited number of villages at any given time and you’ll spend a lot of time travelling. You can travel to the main cities near the Cotswolds first and then use the bus services linking the cities to popular Cotswold villages.

How many days do you need in the Cotswolds?

Re: Planning a trip to the Cotswolds – how many days? You would need about 3 days to visit the places listed…. (if you are driving!) we managed Chipping Campden and Stratford upon Avon in a day last weekend…

Where to stay in the Cotswolds in the summer?

The River Eye meanders lazily through the centre of Lower Slaughter and alongside the gardens of The Slaughters Country Inn, an ideal place for a cream tea on a warm summer’s day. Or feed the ducks and then wander along the river down to the Mill for an ice-cream. A lovely walk through the meadows brings you to tranquil Upper Slaughter.

Can you go to the Cotswolds without a car?

Bill Bryson says you can’t do the Cotswolds without a car. But he’s not totally right, you can do a lot of it on foot, along the gently rolling hills and valleys that make up The Cotswolds Way. As you’d expect with such a popular destination, the best places to stay in the Cotswolds are in high demand year round.

Which is the closest airport to the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds region is quite spread out and your closest airport depends on where you’re actually starting out. Birmingham International Airport is the closest airport to Chipping Campden and Broadway, Heathrow is closed to Burford and Bristol Airport is closest to Bath and Cirencester.

Is there a train from London to the Cotswolds?

There is no shortage of top-quality hotels in the Cotswolds to indulge for a weekend. The Cotswolds is a rural area of England and while buses and trains do connect some of the villages and towns they are not that regular and many don’t run on weekends. The easiest, and by far the most convenient way to get around is to drive.