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What is the box turtles scientific name?

What is the box turtles scientific name?

Box turtles/Scientific names

How many subspecies of box turtles are there?

Also known as, box tortoises, there are currently four recognized species of box turtles. Common box turtle, Coahuila box turtle, Spotted box turtle, and Ornate box turtle. Terrapene carolina was first described by Linnaeus in 1758.

What species are box turtles in?

Box turtle

Box turtle Temporal range: Miocene – Recent, 15–0 Ma PreꞒ Ꞓ O S D C P T J K Pg N
Genus: Terrapene Merrem, 1820
Type species
Terrapene carolina (Linnaeus, 1758)

How do you identify an eastern box turtle?

The eastern box turtle is one of six extant subspecies of the common box turtle. It has a high-domed, rounded, hard upper shell, called a carapace. The vivid, orange and yellow markings on its dark brown shell distinguish it from other box turtles, as do the four toes on its hind feet.

Can I keep an eastern box turtle as a pet?

Box turtles can make great pets if cared for properly. With proper diet and housing, captive box turtles usually live up to 20 years of age, but some have been reported to live 30-40 years.

What is the most common box turtle?

The most common pet box turtles belong to the species, Terrapene carolina (from now on, this is abbreviated as T. c. or T. carolina), often called Common Box Turtles. This species has six subspecies, four in the U.S. and two in Mexico.

Does Eastern box turtle bite?

They rarely snap, hiss or bite like many other turtles, so children are often allowed to keep one as a pet for a few hours or days. Box turtles will quickly eat a meal of fresh tomatoes, cantaloupe or earthworms, and after we’ve enjoyed observing them for a while, they can be released unharmed back where they were …

Can you own a 3 toed box turtle?

These handsome, classic-looking turtles are native to the United States and are among the most popular pets for turtle enthusiasts. However, three-toed box turtles (and box turtles in general) aren’t especially well-suited to be pets for new turtle owners or in homes with very young children.

Can you tell how old a box turtle is?

Estimate the age. After counting the rings, take a guess at the turtle’s age. For instance, if the turtle had 14 rings, you can guess that the turtle is 7 years old, as every 2 rings may represent a year. A turtle will have rings whether in captivity or the wild.

How much does a eastern box turtle cost?

The average price for an Eastern box turtle ranges from around $50 to $300, depending on its age. When selecting a turtle, make sure it is active and alert, and note whether it’s eating normally. Its shell should be hard with no abnormalities, and its eyes should be clear and bright.

Can I keep a box turtle I found?

DO NOT TAKE IT HOME. DO NOT RELOCATE the turtle. Box turtles have a homing instinct and they will try to get back to the area they came from. If you move it far from it’s home you will cause it to likely get killed trying to get back to it’s home, so leave it in the area found, do not bring it to a nicer park.

Is it illegal to keep a box turtle?

Box turtles are not easy to care for or low-maintenance pets. It is also important to realize that, in most states, it is illegal to take a box turtle from the wild and keep it in captivity. Wild populations are dwindling, so they are protected in most states.

What are the Predators of the eastern box turtle?

Hungry Birds: The box turtles spend a part of their life on land. The birds especially the bearded vultures notice them from the sky.

  • the most common is the raccoon.
  • the size of adult box turtles ranges between 4.5 to 6 inches.
  • What are the characteristics of a box turtle?

    The physical characteristics of the box turtle can vary from one type to another. Regardless of the subspecies, however, one thing that is common is that they are small. It can grow anywhere from 4.5 to 7 inches. Generally, a male box turtle has a slightly concave lower shell, bright red eyes, and a vent that lies near the tail’s end.

    What are some interesting facts about box turtles?

    Interesting Box turtle Facts: Box turtle can grow to the size of 8 inches. Box turtle has high domed carapace (upper part of the shell) and hinged plastron (lower part of the shell) which allows almost complete closure of the shell. Males are larger than females. Box turtles are diurnal animals (active during the day).

    What is the range of the eastern box turtle?

    Native habitat. The eastern box turtle is found mainly in the eastern United States, as is implied by its name. They occur as far north as southern Maine and the southern and eastern portions of the Michigan Upper Peninsula, south to southern Florida and west to eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.