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What is the concept of ILOVEYOU virus?

What is the concept of ILOVEYOU virus?

The ILOVEYOU virus comes in an email with “ILOVEYOU” in the subject line and contains an attachment that, when opened, results in the message being re-sent to everyone in the recipient’s Microsoft Outlook address book.

Is the ILOVEYOU virus still exist?

Twenty years on, the ILOVEYOU virus remains one of the farthest reaching ever. Tens of millions of computers around the world were affected. It also exposed vulnerabilities which we are still dealing with to this day, despite two decades of advances in computer security and technology.

How is the ILOVEYOU virus caught?

The Love Bug pandemic began on 4 May, 2000. Victims received an email attachment entitled LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU. Investigators traced the virus to an email address registered to an apartment in Manila, capital of the Philippines.

How was the ILOVEYOU virus stopped?

While investigators were wary that those clues could be a smokescreen, the virus also communicated with a server hosted by the Manila-based Sky Internet, to which it sent passwords scraped from victims’ computers. Sky quickly took the server offline, which stopped at least part of the virus in its tracks.

What happened to the ILOVEYOU virus creator?

Creator of the ‘Love Bug’, one of the world’s first global computer viruses that affected 45 million, now works in a phone repair shop in the Philippines and says he regrets unleashing the malignant files in 2000.

Who invented the ILOVEYOU virus?

Creation. ILOVEYOU was created by Onel De Guzman, a college student in Manila, Philippines, who was 24 years old at the time.

Where is Onel de Guzman now?

He also created a title for the email attachment that would have global appeal, tempting people across the world to open it.” Now 44 years old, Onel de Guzman runs a small phone repair booth in a shopping mall in Manilla. He never went back to college.

Who started the ILOVEYOU virus?

Onel De Guzman
Creation. ILOVEYOU was created by Onel De Guzman, a college student in Manila, Philippines, who was 24 years old at the time.

How was Mydoom stopped?

MyDoom-A is programmed to stop spreading today, marking the end of arguably the worst email-borne viral epidemic to date. MessageLabs, the email filtering firm, blocked the virus 43,979,281 times in the two weeks since its first appearance in late January.

Who is the creator of I Love You virus?


Common name ILOVEYOU
Point of origin Manila, Philippines
Author(s) Onel de Guzman
Operating system(s) affected Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
Written in VBScript

Is virus making illegal?

No. It is not against the law or a crime to make a computer virus, Trojan, or malware. However, if that virus spreads to other computers intentionally or by mistake, you’ve violated the law, and you could be held liable for any damages it causes.

Is there a virus called ” I Love you “?

This virus name I love you referred to as a love bug or a love letter. It infected over 10 million computers and it started spreading as an email message with the subject I love you. In that message, there is an attachment sent in the email LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs.

Who is the creator of the ILOVEYOU virus?

Techopedia explains ILOVEYOU Virus. ILOVEYOU was created by Onel de Guzman of the Philippines. It was one of the first worms to effectively use social engineering to prompt victims to open the files, an innovation that was copied by many later forms of malware. ILOVEYOU was also one of the most virulent worms, purportedly infecting 45 million…

What kind of script is the ILOVEYOU script?

The ILOVEYOU Script (the attachment) was written in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) which runs in Microsoft Outlook and was enabled by default. The script added Windows Registry data for automatic startup on system boot.

How does the ILOVEYOU virus spread through email?

It spreads through email as a chain letter, using the Outlook email application. ILOVEYOU is also an overwriting VBS virus, and it spreads itself using the mIRC (Internet Relay Chat) client as well. What does ILOVEYOU do?