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What is the difference between 80W and 80W-90?

What is the difference between 80W and 80W-90?

The “80W-90” numbers apply to oil viscosity. Thinner oils help to work more smoothly and freely at a lower temperature. 80W90 is a multi-purpose, high-pressure gear lubricant for use on axles of spiral or gears and certain manual transmissions.

Is 80W-90 the same as SAE 90?

Can I use SAE 80W-90 instead of SAE 90w? Yes it is the same… SAE 90 gear oil is equivalent to 50wt engine oil (SAE 80 = 30wt), so you could always dump that in instead if you want.

Is 80W-90 the same as 10W 40?

The most common mistake is the belief that the viscosity of SAE 80W gear oil is much thicker than the viscosity of SAE 10W-40 motor oil. This is absolutely incorrect!

What is 80W90 gear oil used for?

The oil known as 80W-90 GL-5 is a lubricant for the gears in your vehicle. It is used in automatic and manual transmissions, and assists the gears in shifting smoothly.

What’s the difference between 75W-90 and 80W-90?

SAE 75W-90 maintains a more consistent thickness, or viscosity, across a wide temperature range. It’s thicker when exposed to high heat and thinner under colder, wintry conditions than 80W-90. The use of 75W-90 gear oil is recognized by OEMs as a contributor to overall fuel economy.

Can I use 75w140 instead of 80w90?

Can I use 75w140 instead of 80w90? Either one is fine. Generally the synthetic 75w-140 is for HD applications such as towing, but it will work fine in any application.

Can I use SAE 90 instead of 75w85?

Our answer: Yes, 75W-85 gear oil can most definitely be replaced by 75W-90.

Which gear oil is the best?

Best Sellers in Gear Oils

  1. #1. Quicksilver 90 High Performance Gear Lube.
  2. #2. Valvoline SynPower SAE 75W-140 Full Synthetic Gear Oil 1 GA.
  3. #3. Valvoline High Performance SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil 1 GA.
  4. #4. Polaris Premium Synthetic AGL Plus Gear Lube 32 oz / 946 ml.
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What’s the difference between 75 90 and 80W-90 gear oil?

Can I use 75w140 instead of 80W90?

Can I use 80W-90 instead of 75w85?

Can I use 75W-90 instead of 75w80?

NOTE: If 75W-90 is used in transmissions designed for 75W-80, it may result in reduced fuel efficiency and/or deterioration of shift feel when cold. If 75W-80 is used in transmissions designed for 75W-90, it may result in gear rattle noise.