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What is the meaning of localized growth?

What is the meaning of localized growth?

Localised means restricted to certain region i.e meristemetic regions only. Plants grows for indefinite time.

What do you mean by Localised and diffuse growth?

While localized TGCT is a clearly defined tumor, diffuse TGCT is spread out so that “you can’t draw a circle around it,” says Bernthal. “With the localized type, you can see where it begins and where it ends, whereas with the diffuse type, it looks like the roots of a tree — it just kind of goes into things,” he notes.

Why plants are showing Localised growth?

The key to plant growth is meristem, a kind of plant part consisting of undifferentiated cells which will still divide and differentiate. Growth in plants is localized to certain regions such as root, leaves. Growth in animals is diffused, it takes place in body and active regions.

What do you mean by Localised?

1 : to make local : orient locally. 2 : to assign to or keep within a definite locality. intransitive verb. : to accumulate in or be restricted to a specific or limited area an infection that localizes in the ear.

Why is animal growth limited?

It’s mainly because the longer an animal lives, the more likely it is to come in contact with predators, diseases, and natural disasters that end its life before it gets very big. And, for many species, there may be structural constraints – where a single set of organs can only support a body of finite size.

Which processes in animals result in growth and development?

The last two stages, gastrulation and organogenesis, together contribute to morphogenesis: the biological processes that result in an organism’s shape and body organization. For this readin, we will discuss the first two steps above, fertilization and cleavage.

What do you mean by diffused growth?

Diffuse growth refers to surface expansion occurring on entire facets of cell walls, for instance, the side walls of elongating cells in the body of a growing root or stem. Although expansins have been characterized largely in the context of diffuse growth, they also are necessary for root hair growth.

How does the infection get Localised?

A localized disease is an infectious or neoplastic process that originates in and is confined to one organ system or general area in the body, such as a sprained ankle, a boil on the hand, an abscess of finger.

What is localization give an example?

Localization is the adaptation of a product or service to meet the needs of a particular language, culture or desired population’s “look-and-feel.” Examples of localization include changing changing z’s to s’s for British English. …

What is the meaning of localised growth in plants?

In higher organism (multi cellular) growth happens by the division and enlargement of each cell. Localised growth occurs due to activity of a group of cells called meristematic cells. In plants, these cells are found in the epical portion (shoot tip) and last portion of the root (root tips).

What does it mean to localize a website?

As mentioned previously, internalization refers to the act of engineering certain assets (products, applications, websites, etc) in a way that allows them to be easily localized. Now, once you’ve built your website, it’s hard to go back and edit the code so that your site can be localized.

Which is an example of a localized product?

The fact that your product or content was originally created in English (for example) and then localized into the consumer’s native language should be undetectable. A properly localized product should have the look and feel of having been created specifically for the target market.

What can LanguageLine do for a localization project?

LanguageLine has the expertise and technology to handle any type or size of localization project, from websites, to software, to technical documentation, multimedia, training and eLearning, and marketing materials. Localization can help you expand your reach and make the customers you serve feel more at home.