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What is the salary of military officer in India?

What is the salary of military officer in India?

Indian Army in Hand Salary, Grade Pay, Pay Scale, Army Service Pay

Indian Army Post Indian Army In-hand Salary Pay Scale
Lieutenant 68,000 15600-39100 (Level 10)
Lieutenant Colonel 1,12,000 37400-67000 (Level 12)
Lieutenant General 37400-67000
Major 1,00,000 15600-39100 (Level 11)

What is the monthly salary of an Indian Army soldier?

Average Indian Army Soldier monthly pay in India is approximately ₹ 50,000, which is 144% above the national average.

What is grade pay in Indian Army?

7th Pay Commission Pay Scales for Personnel Below Officers Rank of Armed Forces

Post Pay Band Grade Pay
Havaldar 5200 – 20,200 2800
Naib Subedar 9300 – 34,800 4200
Subedar 9300 – 34,800 4600
Subedar Major 9300 – 34,800 4800

Which is the highest paid salary in Indian Army?

The highest-paying job at Indian Army is a Director with a salary of ₹43,26,564 per year.

Which is highest post in army?

Field Marshal
Indian Army – Field Marshal The highest rank attainable in the Indian Army is Field Marshal. Ranked as a Five Star General Officer, a Field Marshal is ranked above a General.

What is salary of Captain in Indian Army?

Indian Army Rank-wise Salary: Before & After 7th Pay Commission

Rank Pay Scale Indian Army Salary (Before 7th Pay Commission)
Indian Army Major Salary Level 11 INR 39,100
Indian Army Captain Salary Level 10 B INR 39,100
Indian Army Lieutenant Salary Level 10 INR 39,100
Indian Army Subedar Major Salary Level 8 INR 34,800

What is the highest paid military salary?

The highest-paid rank in the U.S. military is O-10, which includes four-star generals and admirals. The monthly base pay for this rank with 20 years of service is $16,608.30, and this will not be eligible for increase regardless of continued time in service.

What is the highest paying military job?

What are some of the highest paid military jobs?

  • Military police. National average salary: $41,245 per year.
  • Pilot. National average salary: $43,482 per year.
  • Drone pilot. National average salary: $44,858 per year.
  • Combat engineer. National average salary: $46,201 per year.
  • Interpreter.
  • Translator.
  • Army officer.
  • Captain.