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What is the setting of the story scent of apples?

What is the setting of the story scent of apples?

Setting. The story happened in Kalamazoo and it was on October. The main setting was in Fabia’s place, wherein Celestino invited the Filipino young man to come by and eat dinner. -He was born and raised in Tondo, Manila.

What does the scent of apples symbolize?

The scent of apples in Santos’s short story symbolizes the nostalgia that people who are far away from home feel for their homes. The smell of apples reminds Fabia that he is in the United States and can’t return to his native country, and the smell is therefore a symbol of longing and nostalgia for his homeland.

Why is Bienvenido Santos entitled scent of apples?

The title is symbolically used by the author to unveil the nostalgic feeling endured by people who are far from their homes. Fabia, the main character, owns an orchard in the United States, and the back room of his house is filled with apples. As such, the smell of apples in his home is very overwhelming.

What is the conflict of the story scent of apples?

The conflict in the story “Scent of Apples” is that the author feels a great sense of nostalgia for his native country, the Philippines. When he is giving a talk in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Santos meets a Filipino farmer named Celestino Fabia.

Who are the characters in the scent of apples?

Who are the characters of the scent of apples?

  • Mr. Bienvenido Santos – main character and writer of the story.
  • Celestino Fabia – Fellow Filipino who owns an apple farm and has been away from the Philippines for over 20 years.
  • Ruth Fabia – Wife of Mr. Fabia.
  • Roger Fabia – Son of Mr. Fabia.

Who is the author of The scent of apples?

Bienvenido Santos
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Distinguished Filipino writer Bienvenido N. Santos was born on this day 105 years ago (March 22, 1911). University of Washington Press recently reissued his Scent of Apples: A Collection of Stories in the Classics of Asian American Literature series.

What is the genre of scent of apples?

Short story
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What is the symbol of Apple in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology, the apple appears repeatedly; Hera received an apple as a symbol of fertility upon her engagement to Zeus. The apple of the Garden of Eden, is the symbol of temptation and of original sin.

Who are the characters in the story scent of apples by Bienvenido Santos?

ROLES OF THE CHARACTERS:  Narrator – the writer of the story who went to Kalamazoo, America for a discussion. Petit bourgeois expatriate intellectual contrasting with the poor farmer expatriate Celestino.  Celestino Fabia – An immigrant from the Philippines, a Filipino farmer, who invites Santos home for a meal.

What does Celestino Fabia mean when he said that his wife will be pleased to meet a first class Filipino?

This is mainly because, to Fabia, Santos represents the best that their country could offer; he beat the odds, and became a success. The pride and patriotism of Fabia is made even more real and strong when in the presence of someone that has become known to the world precisely for being Filipino.

What is the summary of scent of apples?

SANTOS SUMMARY: The story “Scent of Apples” written by Mr. Santos is about a man who longing for his native land. This story focuses on the real score of Filipinos who cannot come back to the Philippines because of poverty. It reflects the immigrant-character yearning to come back to his land.

What do apples represent spiritually?

In ancient mythology, the Apple is one of the most sacred trees and symbolises good health and future happiness. Since ancient times it has also been known as the ‘Tree of Love’ and is associated with Aphrodites, goddess of love.