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What is Tracey Tarlton doing now?

What is Tracey Tarlton doing now?

Tracey spent 10 years in prison and is now spending the remaining 12 years of her sentence on parole. She made a deal with the prosecution in exchange for her damning testimony against Celeste.

Did Celeste Beard daughters inherit money?

Celeste says that if she’s convicted, the twins would get a share of her inheritance — an estimated $2 million each. But if Celeste goes free, Steven Beard’s will calls for the girls to get significantly less. “They have two million reasons to lie,” says Celeste.

What happened to Celeste beards daughters?

Where are Celeste Beard’s daughters now? Celeste’s daughters, Jennifer and Kristina, recently made news in relation to another murder case. In November 2017, Jennifer was shot multiple times by her then-roommate Randall Gaston Jones at their Halloween party in Austin, Texas.

What happened Steve Beard?

2, 1999, an intruder entered the home of self-made millionaire and local TV tycoon Steven Beard and shot him. Beard himself made the call to 911 for help, telling the operator “my guts are in my hands.” After lingering in the hospital for nearly four months, Beard died of complications from his gunshot wound.

Is Tracey Tarlton out of jail?

Tarlton was released in 2011 and moved to San Antonio. She expressed regret following her release in an interview with local outlet KENS5. “I don’t wake up one single day without feeling [shame] for what I did,” she told the outlet. Tarlton is due to be taken off parole in August 2021.

Is Celeste Beard guilty?

Celeste Beard Johnson (born February 13, 1963), more commonly known as Celeste Beard, is an American convicted murderer who is serving a life sentence at the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas, for the 1999 murder of her millionaire husband, Steven Beard.

Who is Steven Beard?

In 1999, as People reports, retired television executive Steven Beard was shot in the stomach by a shotgun. Steven fought for his life for months in hospital, and was eventually released. However, he later “died from a blood clot, which was ruled a complication from the gunshot wound,” People states.

Is Steven Beard alive?

Is Celeste Beard in jail?

Celeste remains in custody in Texas, online jail records show. She will not be eligible for parole until 2042. Speaking to “Snapped” in 2004, Celeste still maintained her innocence.

Who did Celeste Beard marry?

Celeste Beard
Spouse(s) Craig Bratcher (divorced) Henry Wolfe (divorced) Jimmy Martinez (divorced) Steven Beard ​ ​ ( m. 1995; died 1999)​ Spencer Cole Johnson (divorced)
Children 2
Conviction(s) Murder, injury to an elderly individual, and conspiracy to commit murder
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment

Who murdered Steven Beard?

At the end of the trial, Celeste Beard was convicted of capital murder. She also had the additional conviction of injury to an elderly individual levied on her. The jury awarded Celeste Beard a life imprisonment sentence in 2003. Furthermore, she was also fined $10,000 for her second charge.

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When did Tracy noylne Tarlton have a nervous breakdown?

February of 1999 Tracey had a nervous breakdown at work. Friends and family encouraged Tracey to seek help. Tartlon entered St. David’s Pavilion in Austin, Texas. In March of 1999 Celeste Beard checked in. Her husband, Steve Beard was threatening divorce over her excessive spending and trysts with a former husband.

Who was Tracey Tarlton dating before Celeste Beard?

Tracey Tarlton had a serious relationship prior to Celeste Beard which had also garnered gossip and rumors. Gossip that said Tracey had killed her lover’s husband. Zan Ray, owner of a hair salon was away in New York and returned to find her husband’s body.

What did Tracy noylne Tarlton say to Celeste DeGuerin?

DeGuerin also called Katrina Lofton, a former cell mate of Tarlton’s (for two months) to testify “She loved Celeste but Celeste didn’t love her. Tracey was out to punish Celeste for refusing her sexual advances. “She just said that Celeste wasn’t going to live happily ever after while she rotted in jail.”

Who is Tracey Tarlton, who shot Steve Beard?

Tracey Tarlton fatally shot Steve Beard for her friend and supposed lover Celeste Beard Johnson, as depicted in the new Lifetime movie “Secrets of a Gold Digger.”