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What kind of bag does a WORX TriVac blower use?

What kind of bag does a WORX TriVac blower use?

The TRIVAC Leaf Collection Bag is a replacement bag designed to fit all Worx TRIVAC blower / mulcher / vacuum models. What tools are compatible with the Trivac Leaf Collection Bag?

What makes the WORX wg500 all in one blower different?

Unlike other standard blower/vacs, the WG500 comes with a unique angled tube to easily vacuum leaves from under decks or play equipment. The blower tube on the WG500 has a built-in airflow regulator which let’s you adjust the blower speed to the job.

What’s the airspeed of a yard VAC wg500?

As a blower, the WG500 produces an airspeed of over 210 mph, strong enough for even the toughest jobs of wet leaves and debris. As a yard vac, its powerful 12 amp motor produces enough suction to vacuum 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute.

Is the WORX leaf blower good or bad?

The blower works like any other leaf blower. Not stronger, just average. Check the power setting when it arrives as the blower power is adjustable. It arrives at the lowest setting. People who are claiming the blower is terrible probably did not switch it from the low power to full power.

What does Worx stand for in power tools?

That’s because WORX tools are designed to easily tackle every task for your home, your yard, and your workshop. WORX tools are built on a platform of innovation, power and performance. They’re engineered with superior technology and value built into every contemporary design, so you can perform with precision.

How big is the leaf bag on a TriVac?

The TRIVAC Leaf Collection Bag has a total capacity of up to 1.5 bushels of mulched leaves. Can I use the Trivac without the Leaf Collection Bag? If I purchase a Trivac, do I also need to purchase a collection bag?

Why is the GT Revolution a Worx tool?

There’s a reason why the GT Revolution is one of our most loved Worx tools. It’s 3-in-1 technology lets you easily transition from trimming, to in-line wheeled edging, to mini-mowing. And with Command Feed™ technology you can extend fresh line with the push of a button. Shop the GT Revolution