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What length do blackout curtains come in?

What length do blackout curtains come in?

The panels come in five colors and five lengths (63-, 84-, 95-, 108-, and 144-inch versions).

What is the shortest length of curtains?

Sill: 1/2″ above the window sill. These are the shortest of the standard curtain lengths, which makes them a good opportunity to have some fun with pattern or color.

How do you maximize blackout curtains?


  1. Raise the curtain rod above the window so no light can seep in from above.
  2. Extend the rod 2 to 3 inches past either side of the window frame.
  3. Use wraparound rods that connect the ends of rods to the wall, blocking even more light from entering.

Why you shouldn’t have blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are made with some chemicals which are infused into the fabric of the curtains. These chemicals contain ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ or VOC. The curtains that contain VOCs are regarded by some, to be toxic in nature. To be perfectly clear, VOCs have very rarely affected the health of a person.

Should you sleep with blackout curtains?

Blackout drapes are a very practical choice that will provide you with better sleep while saving you money. If you have young children, these drapes are particularly important to consider. Blackout drapery will enhance any bedroom or living space.

What can I use instead of blackout curtains?

Different Ways on How to Blackout A Window

  • Install an Awning. Many people do not know how to blackout a window.
  • Get a Mesh Liner.
  • Cover Your Window in Aluminum Foil.
  • Place Privacy Film on the Windows.
  • Treat Your Window with Film.
  • Blackout Shades.
  • Install Cordless Blackout Window Shades.
  • Black Out the Light with Curtain Liners.

Should I get 84 or 96 inch curtains?

Standard curtains come in three lengths—84 inches, 96 inches, or 108 inches. “Generally, you want to stay away from the 84 inch standard curtains unless you have very low ceilings. The 96 inch and 108 inch lengths work in a wider range of typical spaces.

What is the correct length for curtains?

How Long Should Curtains Be? Floor-length is the way to go, unless there’s a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready-made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod, then round up.

Where can you buy blackout curtains?

There are many styles, colors and designs for blackout curtains commercially available. They can be found at, Walmart, Target, and at numerous online retailers who specialize in blackout curtains. Try typing “blackout curtain” in any search engine to get a host of results.

How many yards of fabric for 84 curtains?

How Much Fabric for 84-inch Curtains The number of yards will be determined if that 84-inch figure is the width or the length. If it is the width and you have a 96-inch length then you will need a total of 7 yards of fabric. That is if you are just making regular curtains with no pleats.

What is the length of a curtain panel?

Curtains and drapery panels come in standard lengths of 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches and 120 inches.

What are curtains panels?

A curtain panel is a single curtain section that can be used alone in some window treatment situations or with other panels to create a fuller look or more functional effect.