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What level do you get power Nova?

What level do you get power Nova?

Required Character Level: 48.

What level do you get RA in wizard101?

Required Character Level: 58.

How do you make sand Wurm?

However, for your Sand Wurm spell, you need to be level 118 AND have completed the Trial of the Understudy main storyline quest. By questing through Mirage, you will eventually return to the Arcanum after finishing the Eerem Palace quests, where you will get that quest.

What level is Orthrus?

Level 48 – Orthrus. So here’s a quick little walkthrough for those of you Conjurers anticipating your Orthrus quest. Upon reaching level 48, Professor Drake will contact you. If you do not receive his Tip right upon level up, try teleporting to your home and see if you get the notification then.

Where can I get availing hands?

Baldur Goldpaws, the bear in WC gives you Availing hands quest. You then go to the bear in Northguard that gave you the other 2 spells. Get the quest from him, finish the quest and you’ll have Availing Hands.

What does RA drop in wizard101?

Ra is a Boss located in Ra’s Reading Room, which requires a Wooden Skeleton Key to access. Defeating him grants the Reading Room Roustabout Badge….Creature:Ra.

View Drops ⧨
Krokotopia The Oasis – Ra’s Reading Room

What mounts does RA drop?

Yes, Ra does actually drop the Mander Palaquin. As to does he need a wooden key: Yes, he does need one to enter. Try farming the Jade Oni for them, also Ra drops them himself so you don’t need to continue farming the Jade Oni once you fight Ra a couple of times.

When can you get your 118 spell?

Once you reach level 118, the Arcanum Scholars will have a new quest for you (which scholar depends on your school) called “History of the Cabal.” Successful completion of this quest will allow you to earn your new Mirage themed spell!

What level do you get iron Sultan?

Rusalka’s Wrath. Trial of the Understudy. Note: Level 118 is needed to start this quest. Note: In order to complete this quest, your wizard must be in the school of Storm.

What level is the celestial calendar?

This Image Stub needs a Card Pack Variations Image and updated Enchantment Images….TreasureCard:Celestial Calendar.

Spell Information
Auctionable Yes
PvP Level 80+

How do you get the Orthrus pet in wizard101?

This pet is obtained by completing the Level 48 Spell Quest of its School. Liked Snacks: Ape Grapes. Arrow Root.