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What makes the Pathfinder Bay boat the best?

What makes the Pathfinder Bay boat the best?

The attention to detail on the layout of the Pathfinder 25 Hybrid is incredible. Points like storage, ride, and fish ability make this bay boat rise to the top. I absolutely love the flexibility to run offshore in the morning and finish off the day inshore on the flats.

What are the abilities of the baatezu in Forgotten Realms?

Another ability a baatezu usually had was the ability to call their brethren for aid. This ability meant that any formerly numerically even fight could quickly devolve into a mauling due to the quickly created numerical superiority of the baatezu. A typical baatezu life started as a soul of a dead lawful evil mortal on Baator.

What happens to a baatezu when it is changed?

Some believed that a baatezu lost its memories whenever they were changed, but in truth they almost always retained their minds. With an increase in power came usually also an increase in intelligence, and with it the ability to tap into their memories, possibly centuries-worth for each station in their lives.

What kind of weapons do the baatezu use?

Baatezu were completely immune to fire and poison. They had also a tolerance against acid, low temperatures and gases. One way to combat them was with silver weaponry, but this was not as effective as fighting with a holy weapon or with electricity. Holy water was also effective against the baatezu.

What kind of body does a Lamia have?

This creature’s upper torso is that of a comely woman with cat’s eyes and sharp fangs, while her lower body is that of a lion. Although a lamia is Large, its upper torso is the same size as that of a Medium humanoid. As a result, lamias wield weapons as if they were one size category smaller than their actual size (Medium for most lamias).

How big is a full grown Lamia monster?

Even their humanoid features bear distinctly feline traits, their eyes slitted and feral and their teeth like predatory fangs. A typical lamia stands over 6 feet tall, measures more than 8 feet long, and weighs upward of 650 pounds.

Who are the most powerful members of the Lamia race?

The lamias presented here are but the most common and least powerful members of this cursed race, with others bearing serpentine, avian, and even more perverse forms. Lamias, Lamia Matriarchs, Harridans, Hungerers and Kuchrima are all variant members of the race though they fall into several different categories.