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What MC servers have parkour?

What MC servers have parkour?

Top 5 Minecraft servers for parkour as of 2020

  • IP: #2 JumpCraft. JumpCraft is one of the largest public parkour Minecraft servers available to players.
  • IP: #3 Renatus Network.
  • IP: #4 SnapCraft.
  • IP: #5 Mineverse.

What are the best parkour servers?

Best Parkour Minecraft Servers

Rank Server
#1 PokeSaga IP:
#2 TulipSurvival IP:
#4 CubeCraft Games IP:

What is the best Minecraft Parkour server?

Top 5 Minecraft Parkour servers in 2021

  • 5) Mineplex (IP: Mineplex Minecraft server cover image (Image via xbox)
  • 4) Parkour Craft (IP: Parkour craft server (Image via
  • 3) Minr (IP:
  • 2) Mox MC (IP:

Does Hypixel have parkour?

In Hypixel, a parkour is “started” by running over the starting pressure pad, and then running over all other pressure pads in order (checkpoints > end), where it will then record the time it took you to complete that parkour. There are currently 21 parkours in total on Hypixel.

Who is the best Minecraft Parkour Player 2020?

Fruitberries is a solid all around Minecraft player when it comes to competition, but really excels when in parkour. He was one of the winners of the 6th and 9th MC Championships. He also has had continued success in the “To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan” category, as seen in the most recent MC Championship.

Who is the 1st best Minecraft player?

Given below are some of the best Minecraft players in the world.

  • Dream. A lot of people consider Dream to be the Premier Minecraft genius in the world.
  • Mumbo Jumbo. Mumbo Jumbo is one of the most popular Minecraft players who is known for his impeccable skills.
  • Fruitberries.
  • Illumina.
  • Captain Sparklez.
  • Technoblade.

How do you get parkour in Cubecraft?

For parkour, just go to the spawn, climb the ladders next to the signs on your right.