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What nationality is the name Odom?

What nationality is the name Odom?

The name Odom has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The name comes from when a family lived in Oldham, in Lancashire. This was a town near the city of Manchester; it has since been absorbed by that city. The place-name Oldham is derived from the Old English elements old, which means old, and ham, which means farm.

What does the Gilmore coat of arms mean?

Meaning of Symbols & Colors on the Gilmore Coat of Arms Argent/White or Silver. Denotes Peace and Sincerity. Gules/Red. ‘The Martyr’s colour’, signifies Military Fortitude and Magnanimity.

How common is the last name Odom?

Odom is also the 279,236th most prevalent first name at a global level. It is borne by 852 people. The last name is most prevalent in The United States, where it is borne by 43,018 people, or 1 in 8,426.

What does Odom stand for?


Acronym Definition
ODOM One Design One Meter (yachting)
ODOM Opening Doors Opening Minds (youth travel program)

Is Odom an Irish name?

Odom is a surname originating from England.

Is Gilmore Irish or Scottish?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gilmore and Gillmore are surnames with several origins and meanings. The name can be of Irish, in particular from Ulster, and Scottish Highland origin, Anglicised from the Gaelic Mac Gille Mhoire (Scottish Gaelic), Mac Giolla Mhuire (Ulster Irish Gaelic).

What clan is Gilmour?

The ancestors of the Gilmour family lived among the Strathclyde-Briton people in the Scottish/English Borderlands. It is a name for a devotee of the Virgin Mary. Looking back further, we find the name Gilmour was originally derived from the Gaelic Gille Moire, which means follower of Mary or servant of Mary.

Is Odom a Scottish name?

What is the difference between family crest and coat of arms?

What’s the difference between a coat of arms and family crest? The coat of arms generally refers to the, cape, shield, crest and helmet, while the family crest technically only refers to the small image that lies on the helm (top of the helmet).

Where does the last name Odom come from?

The surname Odom was first found in Lancashire at Oldham, an enfranchised borough, a parochial chapelry, and the head of a union, in the parish of Prestwich, hundred of Salford. Now part of Greater Manchester, the first record of the placename was found in 1226-1228 when it was listed as Aldholm. [2] ”

How did the town of Hoddam get its name?

Hoddam, in ancient charters, is spelt Hodholm and Hodolm, signifying ‘the head of the holm,’ and is supposed to have derived that appellation from its situation on the bank of the river Annan, where the ground is flat and rich, and what is usually called holm land.” [5] This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Odom research.

Where does the last name Oldham come from?

The place-name Oldham is derived from the Old English elements old, which means old, and ham, which means farm. The place-name therefore translates as “the old farm.”

When did the Odoms come to the United States?

Some of the first immigrants to cross the Atlantic and come to North America bore the name Odom, or a variant listed above: Odom Settlers in United States in the 18th Century. John Odom, who landed in Mississippi in 1798 ; Odom Settlers in United States in the 20th Century. Aida Odom, aged 21, who landed in America from Paris, in 1903