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What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage analysis?

What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage analysis?

“What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage” is a humorous piece that illustrates the fact that humans are just as susceptible to training as animals are. Sutherland starts off the essay with a narrative about her husband’s lost keys.

What I learned about my marriage from Shamu?

Excerpt: ‘What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love and Marriage’ As I wash dishes at the kitchen sink, my husband paces behind me, irritated. “Have you seen my keys?” he snarls, then huffs out a loud sigh and stomps from the room with our dog, Dixie, hot on his heels, anxious over her favorite human’s upset.

How do you train your spouse?

Your man isn’t a dog, but we will show you how to train your husband.

  1. Know Thine Husband.
  2. Use The Lure And Bait Tactics.
  3. Baby Steps, Order, And Patience.
  4. Avoid Shouting Or Nagging.
  5. Apply An Open-Minded Approach.
  6. Master The Art Of Ignoring Bad Behavior.
  7. Do Not Try To Dominate.
  8. Learn To Apply Tact.

What Shamu Taught Me About Life Love and Marriage summary?

In her new book, What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers, Sutherland surveys the training techniques behind SeaWorld and Siegfried &andamp Roy and finds, to her surprise, that they are equally effective on her husband, Scott, and assorted other humans.

How do you make your husband want you all the time?

Eight Ways to Make Your Husband Want You Again

  1. – Don’t be a diva.
  2. – Don’t be a doormat.
  3. – Don’t just be a mom.
  4. – Don’t ignore his complaints about you and the marriage.
  5. – Do learn to like yourself and your life.
  6. – Do show him appreciation.
  7. – Do roMANce him.
  8. – Do rethink your sex life.

How can I change my husband in 5 days?

How to Change Your Spouse in Five Easy Steps

  1. Ask how you can help.
  2. Stop what you are doing and listen.
  3. Look at the conflict from your spouse’s perspective.
  4. Do something together you both find enjoyable.
  5. Pray for your spouse.
  6. Change starts with us.

What I learned from Shamu?

I learned to be precise and observant. I learned to teach Dixie what I wanted rather than what I didn’t want. I learned not to take anything she did personally, not even when she ripped my shorts in a fit of overexcitement. All this from a six-week puppy training class.

How can I attract my husband physically?

Demonstrate your attraction to your husband.

  1. Tell your husband how much you love him.
  2. Flirt with him.
  3. Make eye contact.
  4. Compliment his appearance and personality.
  5. Initiate sex.

How can I win my husbands heart?

15 Ways To Win Your Husband’s Heart

  1. Dress pleasantly/attractively.
  2. Say thank you with a smile.
  3. Race to the door when he comes home, as if you were waiting for him.
  4. Prepare his favorite meal.
  5. Don’t lay out all your problems on your husband as soon as he walks in.
  6. Don’t keep asking him, “what are you thinking?”…

How can I make my husband crazy about me?

Here are the 7 tips to make a man want you bad:

  1. Become self-confident. To make a man completely crazy about you, you must first get your own life in order.
  2. Make him feel manly.
  3. Be unpredictable.
  4. Let him make an effort for you.
  5. Tell him you like him.
  6. Sometimes be unavailable to him.
  7. Make a guy go crazy in bed.