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What should a Pitta Dosha eat?

What should a Pitta Dosha eat?


  • KEEP AWAY FROM FOODS THAT INCREASE PITTA: these foods are pungent, sour, salty or too hot.
  • FRUITS: sour fruits, such as apples, grapefruit, lemons, dried fruit.
  • VEGETABLES: aubergines, garlic, radishes, tomatoes, onions.
  • GRAINS: buckwheat, millet, corn.

What aggravates Pitta Dosha?

The major factors that aggravate pitta dosha include:

  • Eating pitta aggravating foods (pungent, sour, salty, very spicy, deep-fried, processed, red meat)
  • Consuming caffeine (coffee), black tea, nicotine (smoking), alcohol.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Thyroid disorders.

How do you pacify Pitta?

4 Ayurvedic Cooking Principles to Pacify Pitta

  1. Favour cool over hot. Raw foods tend to be naturally cooling, and a Pitta constitution can handle them better.
  2. Emphasize on sweet & bitter tastes. Bitter and sweet foods calm Pitta.
  3. Avoid oily or liquid food.
  4. Do not have food with very sharp taste.

What foods should Pitta avoid?

08/10Foods to avoid for Pitta Dosha Apricots, avocado, pungent or sour vegetables like onion, tomatoes, hot peppers, carrots, beets, eggplant or raw leeks, soy sauce, salted butter, eggs, seafood, sour cream, beef, dark chicken, chili pepper, red or sweet wine, and chocolate.

How can I get rid of Pitta fast?

Favor cool over warm or hot. Nourishing & light food must take precedence over dense or heavy food items. Dry food over liquid help curb pitta dosha. Mild drinks like fresh juices over hard ones like alcohol or caffeine based drinks work as a wonderful example of pitta pacifying foods.

What foods should pitta avoid?

What is the best medicine for Pitta?

Coriander is a tridoshic herb that can be used to balance all three doshas. A regular intake of a mixture of Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki in moderation effectively balances all three doshas, especially pitta and kapha. Have this mixture twice a day in a glass of warm milk.

Is lemon good for Pitta?

Precautions when using Lemon Avoid the daily consumption of Lemon fruit during winter because of its highly Amla (sour) taste which can cause mild irritation in the throat. Use lemon in small amount or its juice diluted with water, if you have excess acidity and Pitta related problems.

How can I get rid of pitta fast?

Is milk good for Pitta dosha?

2) Cooling foods are wonderful for balancing Pitta dosha. Sweet, juicy fruits, especially pears, can cool a fiery Pitta quickly. Milk, sweet rice pudding, coconut, and coconut juice, and milkshakes made with ripe mangoes and almonds or dates are examples of soothing Pitta-pacifying foods.

How can I reduce my pitta fast?