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What size is grease fittings?

What size is grease fittings?

The most common standard grease fitting size is 1/4″‑28 SAE‑LT and is often used in automotive applications. They can also be found in agricultural environments as well as other various standard duty applications. For heavy duty applications, larger 1/8″‑27 PTF zerk fittings can be found.

Is there a difference between metric and standard grease fittings?

there IS a difference between metric and american grease fittings. see photo below. metric is on the left, american on right. you can see one is slightly longer then the other which is fatter and the angle of the curve coming in from the tip is different.

What size are John Deere grease fittings?

There are 1 each of these fittings: 10 mm x 1 straight, 10 mm x 1 45 degrees angle, 10 mm x 1 90 degrees angle. John Deere grease fittings are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards and are heat-treated to SAE specifications.

What size are grease ZERK threads?

SAE‑LT (Society of Automotive Engineers) threads possess SAE pipe thread dimension of 1/4″‑28 taper. Grease zerk fittings in the automotive industry as well as many other industrial machines and standard duty applications use SAE‑LT threads.

Are there different sizes of grease Zerks?

There is effectively just one size. There are some other weird ones out there, the common being button head I believe, but if it looks like a standard grease zerk it is going to be the standard size.

What is a button head grease fitting?

Button head grease fittings are a heavier duty fitting distinguished by its flat, low profile appearance. They are able to handle large grease volume due to their high flow rate and sturdy construction. Button head fittings feature a smooth working surface and allow for easier coupler attachment and removal.

How do you know when a grease fitting is full?

If this is the case, the best tactic is to “feel” the grease into the bearing cavity until slight resistance or back pressure is felt against the trigger, or lever, signaling the bearing cavity is now full.

Are all grease fittings the same size?

Grease fittings come in many different styles. There are two grease fittings that are very common. These are the 1/4″-28 thread and the 1/8″ NPT thread. However, there are other less common grease fitting threads in use.

Are John Deere grease fittings standard or metric?

21 assorted metric grease fittings in nine of the most popular styles and sizes are contained in an easy-to-handle, sturdy plastic box with six separately labeled and illustrated compartments. John Deere grease fittings are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards and are heat-treated to SAE specifications.

Are there different size tips for grease guns?

Are there different types of grease fittings?

There are three major thread types for grease fittings: metric, taper or parallel, and unified. M5, M6, M7, M8, and M10 are common metric threads. British standard pipe (BSP), pipe thread fine (PTF), and national pipe thread fine (NPTF) fittings use tapered or parallel threads.

What do you call flush type grease fittings?

Flush Type Grease Fittings are for installation where protruding fittings won’t work. Flush fittings sit flush or countersunk, and are not damaged easily. Flush Type Grease Fittings are referred to as Midget Grease Fittings, Flush Zerk Fittings, Flush Type Grease Zerks, Flush Type Drive Fittings or Flush Type Press-In Fittings.

What do you call a metric grease fitting?

Metric Grease Fittings are also referred to as Metric Zerk Fittings, Metric Lubrication Fittings, Metric Hydraulic Fittings, and Metric Zerks. Images and drawings of SAE Products metric grease fittings are available by clicking the SAE numbers below.

How do you install a hydraulic grease fitting?

Drive these fittings into unthreaded holes. They’re also known as hydraulic grease fittings. When the size or thread type of a fitting doesn’t match an existing opening, use these adapters to make the connection. Tap these tools once or twice with a hammer to install fittings. Install these fittings into threaded holes.

What kind of Grease fittings do I need for Earth Mover?

Assortments contain straight, 45° elbow, and 90° elbow fittings. Often used on earth movers, mining equipment, and other heavy machinery, these fittings have a T-shaped top that holds the dispensing tip in place so it won’t pop off when adding grease. Use these fittings in tight spaces where protruding fittings won’t work.