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What was the setting for Sunrise Over Fallujah?

What was the setting for Sunrise Over Fallujah?

Iraq. Iraq is the main setting for the novel. It is a Middle Eastern nation run by the evil and thuggish Saddam Hussein, a dictator who uses violence and biological and chemical weapons against his own people.

Is Sunrise Over Fallujah first person?

Walter Dean Myers has written Sunrise Over Fallujah in the first-person, limited-omniscient perspective of Birdy. One reason the author chose this perspective is that the novel deals with Birdy’s own story about his experiences in the Iraq War. There is no one better to tell this story than Birdy.

Why do you think Myers titled the book The Sunrise Over Fallujah?

Birdy catches Miller about to get raped, and he shoots the two men trying to rape her. On one hand, he prevented something awful from happening, but on the other, he literally blew two peoples’ brains out. That’s why his ride back to camp is title material.

What is the final mission of the Civil Affairs Unit in Sunrise over Fallujah?

Their mission is to find where the detonators are coming into Iraq from. The mission was a success, but Birdy’s best friend, Jonesy, is shot during the mission.

What is the conflict in Sunrise over Fallujah?

The conflict of Sunrise Over Fallujah is Birdy vs. Birdy because he is unsure of himself and and has to cover up his fears sometimes. The other conflict of Sunrise Over Fallujah is the U.S. military/Birdy vs. Iraq.

What was the objective of Operation Iraqi Freedom?

The primary political goal of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM was to create “a stable Iraq, with its territorial integrity intact and a broad based government that renounces WMD development and use, and no longer supports terrorism or threatens its neighbors.” Based on that primary objective, the combined force commander’ s …

How old is Robin in Sunrise over Fallujah?

Meet eighteen-year-old Robin, who goes by Birdy (get it?). He mostly talks directly to the reader—that’s you—but the book is also sprinkled with Birdy’s letters to his parents and his Uncle Richie, who was in the Vietnam War. To his parents, Birdy mostly writes cheery letters telling them not to worry.

What is the plot of Sunrise over Fallujah?

Sunrise Over Fallujah is a young adult novel by Walter Dean Myers. The story follows the trials and experiences of eighteen year-old Harlem native Robin “Birdy” Perry through the opening months of the Iraq War in 2003. Having seen 9/11 as a teenager, Birdy feels compelled to do something important for his country.

What happens in Sunrise over Fallujah?

Who was captured at the beginning of Sunrise over Fallujah?

They find out that the crew that left before them suffered casualties, and three women were captured. One of them was a woman they’d spoken to a few days before. They head toward the place where the women were captured: An Nasiriyah.

Who is Jonesy in Sunrise over Fallujah?

Corporal Charlie Jones
Corporal Charlie Jones (“Jonesy”)

What do you mean by Iraqi Freedom?

Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), the U.S.-led coalition military operation in Iraq, was launched on March 20, 2003, with the immediate stated goal of removing Saddam Hussein’s regime and destroying its ability to use weapons of mass destruction or to make them available to terrorists.

How to read the book Sunrise over Fallujah?

To view 1 Full Study Guide, 1 Short Summary and 2 Book Reviews for this book, visit our Sunrise Over Fallujah – Summary and Analysis page. “Operation Iraqi Freedom has four phases.

What did uncle Richie say in Sunrise over Fallujah?

1. “”Uncle Richie, I felt like crap after 9-11 and I wanted to do something, to stand up for my country. I think if dad had been my age, he would have done the same thing. He was thinking about me and about my future—which is cool—but I still need to be my own man, just the way you were at my age.”

Why was the civil affairs unit sent to Fallujah?

Jonesy’s thinking is startlingly accurate for both sides of the fight. When something doesn’t go right for the U.S. Army, the Civil Affairs unit is sent in to rectify the situation. Though named Civil Affairs, the unit is still a part of the army, and while members of this unit are designed to put a human face to war, it is still war.