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When did Stiff Little Fingers start?

When did Stiff Little Fingers start?

Stiff Little Fingers/Active from
Stiff Little Fingers were formed in 1977 by singer and guitarist Jake Burns, guitarist Henry Cluney, bassist Ali McMordie, and drummer Brian Faloon.

What was Stiff Little Fingers biggest hit?

1. Suspect Device. The first track from the first album, which makes it the track that introduced Stiff little Fingers to the world.

What was Stiff Little Fingers first album?

Broken Fingers/Live in Aberdeen
Stiff Little Fingers/First album

Are Stiff Little Fingers still touring?

They reformed in 1991, releasing a further eight albums, the latest being 2016’s ‘Rockers’. Stiff Little Fingers have rescheduled their headline UK tour to March 2022 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. They have also announced two gigs at the O2 Academy Sheffield in October 2022 with Cockney Rejects and GBH.

Why did Stiff Little Fingers break up?

In 1994, they released Get a Life in the UK, releasing it in the US in 1996. By the end of 1996 Taylor left due to family commitments. Burns called in Steve Grantley who had played drums for Jake Burns and the Big Wheel in the late 1980s.

Did Bruce Foxton play with Stiff Little Fingers?

He stayed with Stiff Little Fingers for 15 years, during which time they recorded five albums, namely, Flags and Emblems, Get a Life, Tinderbox, Hope Street and Guitar and Drum.

Is SLF a Catholic?

The band was made up of both Catholics and Protestants and we were always very open about that.

Who did Stiff Little Fingers influence?

Stiff Little Fingers’ influence lives on in more commercially successful descendants such as Green Day, The Offspring and Bad Religion. Today, the band still exists with two of its four original members and recently released “No Going Back,” its first album in eleven years.

What does Bruce Foxton do now?

He was the bassist, backing singer and sometime songwriter in one of the biggest, most original and best-loved bands to ever come out of Britain. Now, Bruce Foxton of The Jam is returning to Cornwall, a place he called home for many years.

Is SLF a Protestant?

What does SLF mean?

SLF means “Sounds Like Fun.” The abbreviation SLF is typically used with the meaning “Sounds Like Fun” as a positive response to a suggested activity that sounds as though it could be enjoyable. However, SLF can also be used sarcastically or ironically, when whatever has been mentioned sounds anything but fun.

Is Paul Weller still friends with Bruce Foxton?

Foxton has renewed his friendship with Weller, who guests on Foxton’s recent solo album ‘Smash The Clock’. Foxton also played on Weller’s 2010 album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ and appeared on stage with him at London’s Royal Albert Hall that year.

When do Stiff Little Fingers go on tour?

Find information on all of Stiff Little Fingers’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. Stiff Little Fingers is not due to play near your location currently – but they are scheduled to play 16 concerts across 1 country in 2021-2022. View all concerts.

When did Stiff Little Fingers album Come Out?

The band secured a deal with the Rough Trade record label and released the album “Inflammable Material” through them. The 1979 album went to number 14 on the UK album charts and sold over 100, 000 copies.

Who are the hosts of Stiff Little Fingers?

Streaming live on YouTube, Jake Burns and Ali McMordie of Stiff Little Fingers will be talking about The Making of Go For It to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the album’s release! This live one-hour program will be hosted by Ronan MacManus on Switchbox TV’s YouTube Channel. Here’s the link to tune in tonight! Skegness Alt Fest is on!

Where did Stiff Little Fingers get their name?

Stiff Little Fingers are an Irish punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They formed in 1977, at the height of the Troubles. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star (named after the Deep Purple song ), doing rock covers, until they discovered punk.