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Where can I catch bull trout in BC?

Where can I catch bull trout in BC?

The East Kootenays in British Columbia is home to some of the best river Bull Trout fishing in the world! A 200km stretch around highway 3 between Cranbrook and Elkford hosts the Kootenay River, Bull River, Elk River and the Wigwam River. All of these tributaries provide an excellent fishing experience for Bull Trout.

How do you catch a bull trout?

Bull trout love to ambush from an unsuspecting position. Look for overhanging branches, log jams, undercut banks and pools that have a good number of large boulders. Often times, the closer your fly can be to this structure, the higher your chances of getting right in their wheelhouse will be. Big fly, small fly.

Where can I fish in Elk River?

Between Sparwood and Elko the river is the best, many places to fish, easy acsess. The town of Fernie is located half way between Sparwood and Elko, and is the most central spot to stay when fishing the Elk River.

What is the name of the river in Fernie BC?

Elk River
High in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the Continental Divide of North America starts a river of special quality.

Can you keep bull trout in BC?

In the southeast corner of B.C., interior fish can be found in crystalline mountain streams and lakes, both as residents or migratory trout. Be sure to read the freshwater fishing regulations concerning bull trout. Whenever possible, practice catch-and-release, and voluntarily limit your harvest.

Are bull trout protected in BC?

Bull Trout in British Columbia are protected under the provincial Wildlife Act, the provincial Fish Protection Act, and the federal Fisheries Act.

Is Elk River safe to float?

Nothing beats spending a hot afternoon floating the Elk River, but it is important to be aware of the hazards. Many stretches of the Elk have dangerous logjams and accidents occur each summer.

Where do you float in Fernie?

The peaceful section between the North Fernie Bridge and Dogwood Park is the recommended section for floating in tubes. Many continue to a small sandy area at James White Park or a small pull-out just after the Stanford Hotel. You’ll be surrounded by the mountain view as you gentle cruise by the town.

How many bull trout can you keep?

Fishing. Because of the bull trout’s vulnerability, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) has implemented a zero possession limit on this fish throughout the province. All bull trout that are caught must be released.