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Where is Drezo dj from?

Where is Drezo dj from?

Los Angeles
It is rare now in a music scene of tiring trends for an artist to break the mold and make a statement creatively that people can connect to. However, based in Los Angeles, challenges the mainstream standard by staying true to his own powerful underground sound of house music.

What genre is Drezo?


How old is Drezo?

Based in Los Angeles, Drezo is no outsider to the underground sound that is currently sweeping across the restless west coast city. Through his compositions and remixes, the 25 year old aims to represent the darker and more imaginative side of house music.

What kind of DJ is REZZ?

Genres EDM electronic new beat techno
Occupation(s) DJ record producer
Instruments Digital audio workstation
Years active 2015–present

What type of EDM is Drezo?

underground house music
Drezo has emerged from the underground house music scene and has been taking the industry by storm. With releases on labels such as OWSLA and Mad Decent, this Los Angeles based producer has stayed true to his underground roots and challenges the mainstream driven world of electronic dance music.

What kind of EDM is Lsdream?

Whether it’s twonk trap or trippy, electro-industrial bass, L.A.-based Sami Diament creates art that expands the confines of genres and the self. Formerly known for his trap project Brillz, Diament’s name has been more recently tied to his new alias, LSDREAM.

What type of EDM is peekaboo?

Although he began as a multi-genre electronic music artist, he is mostly now known for his particular style of dubstep, also known as freeform bass and space bass….Peekaboo (musician)

Genres Dubstep freeform bass space bass
Occupation(s) Disc jockey record producer composer
Instruments DAW guitar trumpet
Years active 2016–present

Who invented future house?

DJ Tchami
The term “future house” was coined by French DJ Tchami and was first used to categorise his 2013 remix of “Go Deep” on SoundCloud.

What is LSDREAM real name?

Sami Diament
“To know our own light, we must also know our darkness,” says producer Sami Diament, better known by his stage name, LSDREAM. Previously a staple of the EDM trap scene under the name Brillz, Diament has been frank about his sobriety and struggles with depression.

Is Brillz an LSDREAM?

Sami Diament, better known as Brillz and now known as LSDREAM, has been a prominent figure in the bass and trap world for years. He made his debut as LSDREAM on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN imprint in May of 2018 with Voyager, LSDREAM’s debut album.

Who is peekaboo signed to?

Peekaboo (musician)

Instruments DAW guitar trumpet
Years active 2016–present
Labels Wakaan Deadbeats Bite This Submerged Music Space Cult Amorphous Music Jadū Dala Big Tooth Records
Associated acts G-Rex Liquid Stranger Bassnectar

Is Lsdream a Brillz?