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Where is Farakka Express?

Where is Farakka Express?

The Farakka Express is likely to come at Platform #10 at Old Delhi Railway Station(DLI).

What is the train no of Farakka Express?

13484 Farakka Express – Delhi to Malda Town : Train Number, Running Status, Time Table.

What is the time of Farakka Express?

13483 Farakka Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Platform

When was Farakka Express will run?

13483 – Farakka Express runs from Malda Town to Old Delhi, 4 days of the week. The 13483 mail express train departs from Malda Town at 07:10 hrs and arrives at Old Delhi at 04:50 hrs….13483 Schedule & Time Table.

Stn Code NFK
Stn Name New Farakka Jn
Route 1
Day 1

Where is Brahmaputra Mail train?

Brahmaputra Mail 14056 Train. Introduced in 1972, the Brahmaputra Mail 14056 is a daily train that runs from Delhi (DLI) to Dibrugarh (DBRG). This train is a part of the Northern Railway zone of Indian Railways.

Is Farakka Express Cancelled?

The Malda-Bhagalpur-Delhi Farakka Express (03483), which runs via Faizabad, will be cancelled from December 16 to January 31, 2021 and the Delhi-Bhagalpur-Malda Farakka Express (03484) from December 18 to February 2.

What is the train number of Brahmaputra Mail?

14055 Brahmputra Mail – Dibrugarh to Delhi : Train Number, Running Status, Time Table.

What is the time of Brahmaputra Mail?

14056/Brahmaputra Mail, DLI/Old Delhi Junction – DBRG/Dibrugarh Route, Schedule & Time Table –

Sahibganj(SBG) 21:37
Barharwa Junction(BHW) 23:13
New Farakka Junction(NFK) 23:36
Malda Town(MLDT) 00:45

Where is Brahmaputra train now?

14056 / Brahmaputra Mail (PT)( – ) Running Train Status

Station Actual / Sch. Arrival Train Status
Kamakhya Junction (KYQ) 14:25
Guwahati (GHY) 14:45
Digaru (DGU) 15:40
Jagi Road (JID) 16:14

Which train is running from Delhi to Guwahati?

new delhi to guwahati Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to guwahati 11 Trains
Distance from new delhi to guwahati By Train: 1850 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to guwahati : TEJAS EXP SPL(02501)
Slowest Train from new delhi to guwahati : DBRG LGH EXPRESS(05909)

What is the train number of Brahmaputra?

BRAHMPUTRA MAIL (14055) departs from DIBRUGARH Railway Station at 23:25.

Is Brahmaputra Mail Cancelled today?

The train was renamed the Brahmaputra Mail after the successful gauge conversion of the New Bongaigaon–Dibrugarh metre-gauge lines to broad gauge. W.E.F….Brahmaputra Mail.

Status Permanently cancelled between Dibrugarh and Kamakhya Junction on 19/12/2020
First service 1 October 1974

Which is the train from DLI to Farakka?

The 13484 – Farakka Express runs from DLI (Old Delhi) to MLDT (Malda Town). Farakka Express runs on 4 days of the week. The 13484 mail express train departs from Old Delhi at 09:40 hrs and arrives at Malda Town at 07:05 hrs. The total running duration of 13484 train is 33hr 25min, stopping at 65 stations during the journey.

How many days does the Farakka Express run?

The train operates four days in a week, namely Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. It starts from Malda Town at 7:10 PM and arrives at the Old Delhi Junction at 4:40 AM on the third day. This train operates on four days of the week. The average speed of the train is 44 kmph.

When does Farakka Express leave Malda Town station?

13414 Farakka express departs Delhi Junction at 21:50 on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and reaches Malda Town station 7:20 on second day. Pantry car and Tatkal scheme is available in this train.

How to book tickets for Farakka Express 13484?

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