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Where is Kardinal Offishall now?

Where is Kardinal Offishall now?

Universal Music Canada
When Kardinal Offishall released his breakout album in 2001, he wasn’t embraced by the Canadian music industry like he was by the hip-hop community. Fast-forward 20 years, and he’s now a senior executive at Universal Music Canada with a mission to keep our homegrown talent north of the border.

What nationality is Kardinal Offishall?

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How old is Kardinal?

45 years (May 11, 1976)
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Where did Kardinal Offishall grow up?

Kardinal Offishall was born Jason Harrow in the eastern Toronto suburb of Scarborough (now part of Toronto proper), Ontario, Canada, in 1976. His parents were among the large number of Jamaicans who had immigrated to the area, and Kardinal has maintained strong ties to the vibrant Caribbean culture of the Toronto area.

Is Kardinal Offishall Jamaican?

ALTHOUGH he was born in Canada to Jamaican parents, rapper/deejay Kardinal Offishall has always incorporated dancehall/reggae into his recordings and performances. Though he is known for hits including Dangerous (with Akon) and Number One (featuring singer Keri Hilson), Kardinal recently took on a different role.

Who is Kardinal Offishall married to?

Tashi Harrow
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Why is Kardinal Offishall important?

Rapper and producer Kardinal Offishall wasn’t the first from the city to come up with this, but he did perfect it. In doing so, he established Canada’s inaugural contribution to hip-hop’s canon of regional sounds.

What school did Kardinal Offishall go to?

York University
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In 1997, Offishall released his self-produced debut album Eye and I and scored a minor hit with “On Wit Da Show,” which received significant rotation on MuchMusic. He dropped out of York University, where he was studying mass communications, to focus solely on his recording career.