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Where is the Bom Jesus shipwreck?

Where is the Bom Jesus shipwreck?

Namibia Region
Today, the Bom Jesus is the oldest known and most valuable shipwreck ever discovered off the coast of Sub-Saharan Africa….Bom Jesus (ship)

location in Namibia
Region Namibia
Coordinates 28°35′58″S 16°23′51″ECoordinates: 28°35′58″S 16°23′51″E

Why is there a shipwreck in the Namib Desert?

Sailors, having wrecked their vessels in the heavy fog that spills off the land most mornings, found themselves trading life at sea for a hot, hellish terrain. Trapped within a veil of thick fog, the Eduard Bohlen ran aground along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast on September 5th, 1909.

Where is the Oranjemund shipwreck?

The Oranjemund shipwreck was fortuitously discovered during routine sand dredging in NAMDEB’s Mining Area 1 (U60X). The shipwreck site is located approximately 18 km north of the Orange River mouth. During alluvial diamond mining, NAMDEB reclaims the seabed by building large sand walls to keep the sea at bay (Fig. 2).

What is the meaning of Bom Jesus?

‘Bom Jesus’ (literally, ‘Good (or Holy) Jesus’) is the name used for the Ecce Homo in the countries of Portuguese colonization. The Jesuit church is India’s first minor basilica, and is considered to be one of the best examples of baroque architecture and Portuguese Colonial architecture in India.

Why do they call it the Skeleton Coast?

The area’s name derives from the whale and seal bones that once littered the shore from the whaling industry, although in modern times the coast harbours the skeletal remains of the shipwrecks caught by offshore rocks and fog.

How safe is Namibia?

Namibia is a peaceful country, relatively safe to travel to and it is not involved in any wars. After the Angolan civil war in 2002, there is no more violence in Namibia. It does, however, have a relatively high crime rate with muggings near ATMs, pickpockets roaming around and even robberies happening more and more.

What is the Oranjemund shipwreck?

The Oranjemund shipwreck is the oldest wreck ever found in sub-Saharan Africa and received world-wide attention in the media. After an initial survey was undertaken and a representative sample of artifacts and ecofacts recovered, the site was reburied.

Why is it called the Basilica of Bom Jesus?

Basilica of Bom Jesus is a big and one of the oldest church in India which was constructed during the Portuguese rule in Goa. Bom Jesus means good Jesus or infant Jesus and the church is dedicated to him. The church was declared as sacred in1605 by Alexio de Menezes.

Who built Bom Jesus?

Domingos Fernandes
Julião Simão
Basilica of Bom Jesus/Architects

Are there sharks in Namibia?

Another pro for traveling to Namibia to surf is the certainty of no sharks to attack you while surfing. Namibia has never had a single shark attack. Although there are a lot of seals they are no real danger unless. In short, Namibia is a safe and friendly country to go surf at.

Where was the Bom Jesus shipwreck found?

Its fate was unknown until 2008, when its remains were discovered during diamond mining operations on the coast of Namibia, near Oranjemund. Today, the Bom Jesus is the oldest known and most valuable shipwreck ever discovered off the coast of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Where did the misfortune of the Bom Jesus come from?

The Misfortune of the Bom Jesus, the Diamond Shipwreck. One of the coins uncovered in the Diamond Shipwreck. Copyright: Amy Toensing More interestingly, for archaeologists at least, is the ship itself (along with some of the less sparkly artefacts). The ship itself is an East Indiaman from Portugal, and is dated to the 1530s.

What was the cargo of the Bom Jesus?

The trading ship bore a trove of gold and silver coins and other valuable materials. But to a team of archaeologists and biologists, the Bom Jesus ’ most precious cargo was a haul of more than 100 elephant tusks — the largest archaeological cargo of African ivory ever discovered.

What was the cause of the Bom Jesus sinking?

It is speculated that the Bom Jesus sank when it was pulled too closely to shore in a storm off the coast of Namibia, causing the ship’s hull to collide with a rock and lean over, capsizing the vessel.