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Where is the gasoline tank in Silent Hill?

Where is the gasoline tank in Silent Hill?

the Hell Gas Station
The gasoline tank is found at the Hell Gas Station on Bloch Street. The player must first complete the game once in order to obtain the gas tank to power up the rock drill and chainsaw.

Are there guns in Silent Hill?

Throughout Silent Hill, a total of eleven weapons can be procured, seven on the first playthrough. There are three firearms and six melee weapons, plus one extra melee weapon and one extra firearm that must be unlocked. The chart below displays how effective each weapon is on each enemy.

Where is the chainsaw in Silent Hill?

Harry obtains the chainsaw. The chainsaw is found in a smashed window of the Cut Rite Chainsaws store on Bloch Street. In order to get it, the player must complete the game at least once to unlock the gasoline tank, found in the Hell Gas Station on Bloch St.

Where do you get gas in Silent Hill Homecoming?

At the Park, use the Steel Pipe to pry open the gate into the small alley area. Kill the lurker that emerges from under the truck. Use the Empty Gas Can on the truck’s fuel tank, and take the Full Gas Can. With the Full Gas Can obtained, backtrack to the Shepherd home, to the water pump in the basement.

Does Silent Hill 3 have multiple endings?

Silent Hill games are known for their many endings, however, Silent Hill 3 only has three. Another different thing is how the ending system works.

Do weapons break in Silent Hill?

Yes melee weapons break.

How do you get the different endings in Silent Hill 2?

Another famous aspect of Silent Hill are the multiple Endings. Complete the game under certain terms to unlock different endings. Not only does the ending cut scene change, but the cut scene before the final boss battle and the credit song will change as well.

How do you get hyper spray in Silent Hill 2?

The Hyper Spray is an unlockable weapon in Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. It can be obtained once the player does one of three things: complete the game on hard mode, complete it twice (at least once on Normal), or complete the game three times, regardless of difficulty level.

How many endings are there in Silent Hill 3?

Silent Hill games are known for their many endings, however, Silent Hill 3 only has three.

Are there ghosts in Silent Hill?

Ghosts are common enemies found in Silent Hill 4: The Room, appearing in each world and are a frequent nuisance, as they cannot be killed or disposed of in a truly permanent way. The Ghosts are the tormented souls of Walter Sullivan’s numerous victims, who roam in his worlds.

Do weapons break in Silent Hill 4?

It’ll break eventually if I keep using it as a weapon. Notes: Nothing in particular truly says anything good about the Wine Bottle, but the best thing about it is that you won’t have to use it for long or even at all. It is a short weapon so range is extremely limited.