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Where was Sultan Rahi born?

Where was Sultan Rahi born?

Muzaffarnagar, India
Sultan Rahi/Place of birth

Who is the father of Sarmad Khoosat?

Irfan Khoosat
Sarmad Khoosat/Fathers
Family. He is the son of veteran TV and film actor, producer and comedian Irfan Khoosat, while his sister Kanwal Khoosat is also a director, screenwriter and actress.

How old is Mustafa Qureshi?

81 years (May 11, 1940)
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Where is Sultan Rahi grave?

Muhammad Sultan “Sultan Rahi” Khan

Birth 1938 Uttar Pradesh, India
Death 9 Jan 1996 (aged 57–58) Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
Burial Lahore Cemetery Lahore, Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan
Memorial ID 151616552 · View Source

What is the real name of Sultan Rahi?

Muhammad Sultan Khan

Sultan Rahi
ﺳﻠﻄﺎﻥ ﺭﺍﮨﯽ
Born Muhammad Sultan Khan24 June 1938 Rawalpindi, Punjab, British India
Died 9 January 1996 (aged 57) Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan
Cause of death Murder

How old is Sarmad Khoosat?

42 years (May 7, 1979)
Sarmad Khoosat/Age

How old is Irfan Khoosat?

75 years (June 9, 1946)
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Who is Fahad Mustafa father?

Salahuddin Tunio
Fahad Mustafa/Fathers
Mustafa was born on 26 June 1983 in Karachi, Pakistan, to a Sindhi family. He is the son of the prominent Sindhi actor Salahuddin Tunio and has two brothers and one sister.

Who is Faisal Qureshi brother?

Imran Qureshi
Faisal Qureshi/Brothers

What is the cast of Sultan Rahi?

Sultan Muhammad (generally recognized as Sultan Rahi) was born in a Muslim arain family of Saharanpur in 1938 Uttar Pradesh, British India.

How old is Munawar Zarif?

35 years (1940–1976)
Munawar Zarif/Age at death