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Which country won most medals at the Paralympics 2012?

Which country won most medals at the Paralympics 2012?

Medal table

Rank NPC Total
1 China (CHN) 231
2 Russia (RUS) 102
3 Great Britain (GBR)* 120
4 Ukraine (UKR) 84

How many medals did we get in 2012?

Athletes from the United States won the most medals overall with 104 and the most gold medals with 46. The latter record was the largest gold medal haul for that NOC at a non-US hosted Olympics at the time….2012 Summer Olympics medal table.

2012 Summer Olympics medals
Most total medals United States (104)
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Who has the most medals in the Paralympics?

With seven Paralympic Games appearances, Trischa Zorn-Hudson is the most decorated Paralympic athlete of all time with 55 medals (41 gold, 9 silver, 5 bronze).

How many medals are in Paralympics?

India’s Paralympics medal winners: The full list. India have won 31 medals at the Paralympic Games – nine golds, 12 silvers and 10 bronze medals.

Where was the 2012 Summer Paralympics held?

2012 Summer Paralympics/Location

The 2012 Summer Paralympics, the 14th Summer Paralympic Games, and also more generally known as the London 2012 Paralympic Games, were a major international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), that took place in London, England, United Kingdom, from …

How many medals did GB get in 2012?

Team GB at London 2012 Great Britain finished third at their home Olympics in London, with 65 total medals – 29 gold, 17 silver and 19 bronze. They were dominant in the cycling, taking home 12 medals, eight of them gold, and also won five medals in equestrian, with three golds.

What sport does the US have the most medals in Paralympics?

Para athletics
3. The USA has topped the Para athletics medal table at nine Paralympic Games, more than any other country. 4. Since the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960, 2,860 gold medals have been awarded in the sport.

Who are famous Paralympics?

Danni Di Toro has been to the Paralympic Games an incredible six times!…5 Outstanding Australian Athletes Living with Disability

  • Louise Sauvage, OAM.
  • Dylan Alcott, OAM.
  • Ellie Cole, OAM.
  • Kurt Fearnley, AO.
  • Danni Di Toro.

Are there 27 Paralympic medals?

Baltimore native Jessica Long won a silver medal in the women’s 100-meter breaststroke at the Tokyo Paralympics on Wednesday, the 27th Paralympic medal of her career.

Which country is best at Paralympics?

The United States
The United States has been the top-ranking (medals) nation for eight Paralympic Summer Games: 1964, 1968, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996. China have been the top-ranking nation for the fifth most recent Games, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020.

Which country hosted the 2012 Olympic Games?

On 6 July 2005, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge announced London as the Host City for the Games of the XXX Olympiad to be held in 2012.

How many medals were awarded in the 2012 Summer Paralympics?

There was competition in 503 events in 26 sports, and there were a total of 1522 medals awarded.

Who are the gold medalists in the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Missy Franklin tied with Michael Phelps for most gold medals won at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

What did the United States win at the 2012 Olympics?

The United States won their third consecutive gold medal in the women’s soccer. This is the table of the medal count of the 2012 Summer Olympics, based on the medal count of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). These rankings sort by the number of gold medals, earned by a National Olympic Committee (NOC).

Who are the most successful athletes in the Paralympics?

The most successful athletes outside the swimming competition were Raymond Martin from the United States and David Weir from Great Britain, who both won four gold medals each in athletics, and Sarah Storey from Great Britain, who won four gold medals in cycling.