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Which is the best industry award in Australia?

Which is the best industry award in Australia?

Amusement, Events and Recreation Award [MA000080] Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award [MA000118] Aquaculture Industry Award [MA000114] Architects Award [MA000079] Asphalt Industry Award [MA000054] Australian Government Industry Award 2016 [MA000153] B. Banking, Finance and Insurance Award [MA000019] Black Coal Mining Industry Award [MA000001]

When did the Australian Film Awards become competitive?

In 1977 feature film categories became competitive, while non-feature films continued to be awarded the gold, silver and bronze prizes until 1981, when they also became competitive. In 1976 the awards were broadcast live on television for the first time on the Nine Network at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne.

When did the AFI Awards start in Australia?

1958–2010: AFI Awards. The awards were presented annually by the Australian Film Institute (AFI) as the Australian Film Institute Awards (more commonly known as the AFI Awards), “to recognise and honour outstanding achievement in the Australian film and television industry.”.

When do the AACTA Awards come out in Australia?

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards, known as the AACTA Awards, are presented annually by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA).

What are the Australian Event Awards and Symposium?

The Australian Event Awards and Symposium is the national awards program and conference for the Australian events industry, fostering continued excellence, innovation and unity.

Which is the only awards program in Australia?

The Australian Event Awards is the only awards program to recognise great events and achievements not only in their field or sector, but amongst the best across the entire Australian events industry.

Is the Australian Event Awards trophy for sale?

Australian Event Award trophies are not for sale and remain the copyright of Australian Event Awards Pty Limited. There is only one way to own an Australian Event Awards trophy and the first step is to start your entry. The Australian Event Awards Ceremony 2017 at The Events Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.