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Who all died from Different Strokes?

Who all died from Different Strokes?

Conrad Bain, who played his wealthy adoptive father Mr. Drummond, died after a stroke in 2013 at age 89. Bridges’ TV siblings are deceased as well: Gary Coleman was 43 when he died in 2010 of an epidural hematoma, while Dana Plato fatally overdosed on painkillers in 1999 when she was 34.

How did Kimberly from diff’rent strokes died?

She played Kimberly Drummond on the NBC sitcom Diff’rent Strokes but was cut from the show when she became pregnant. Her career dwindled and after a series of personal tragedies she fell into drug addiction. She died of an overdose on May 8, 1999, at age 34.

Why did Adelaide leave Different Strokes?

Nedra Volz (Adelaide Brubaker) – Nedra Volz’s (June 18, 1908 – January 20, 2003) character, Adelaide Brubaker, replaced Mrs’ Garrett. She was on the show from January 1980 until May 1982. Nedra passed away on January 20, 2003 of complications from Alzheimer’s disease in Mesa, Arizona.

Who was the little girl in the wheelchair on diff’rent strokes?

As 10-year-old Melanie Watson (her maiden name), Bernhardt also had a recurring, guest starring role in the television sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes” in 1978. She played “Kathy,” the wheelchair-aided friend of “Arnold,” played by the late Gary Coleman.

Why did Charlotte Rae leave The Facts of Life?

She wanted to spend more time doing theater as well as do some traveling. The producers of the show tried to persuade Rae to continue with The Facts of Life for at least another two years, but she felt her time on the program had run its course and decided to leave at the end of the 1985–86 season.

Did Todd Bridges ever date Dana Plato?

Todd Bridges, who tumbled from child stardom on the hit sitcom to addiction and arrests, said he tried to help the late Corey Haim with his drug issues and revealed that he had a sexual relationship with his co-star Dana Plato, who, like Haim, died of a drug overdose.

How much money did Gary Coleman make on diff’rent strokes?

Diffrent Strokes Salary: At his peak, Gary Coleman earned $100,000 per episode on the show. That made him the highest-paid TV actor in the world at the time. Roughly $2.5 million per season. That’s the same as around $6.5 million after adjusting for inflation.

What happened to the little girl in the wheelchair on Different Strokes?

She played “Kathy,” the wheelchair-aided friend of “Arnold,” played by the late Gary Coleman. The young actress was afflicted with osteogenesis imperfecta, which causes bones to fracture easily.

When did Diff’rent Strokes and Webster start?

Webster debuted in 1983, about five years after Diff’rent Strokes, a show which had a nearly identical premise and presentation. Strokes was about a diminutive African-American boy (Gary Coleman) adopted by a white guy; Webster was about a diminutive African-American boy (Emmanuel Lewis) adopted by a white couple.

Who are the actors that died in Diff’rent Strokes?

Diff’rent Strokes Actors You May Not Know Passed Away. 1 Conrad Bain as Philip Drummond. Frank Micelotta/Getty Images. 2 Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson. 3 Dana Plato as Kimberly Drummond. 4 Charlotte Rae as Edna Garrett. 5 Nedra Volz as Adelaide Brubaker.

Who are the supporting characters in Diff’rent Strokes?

Supporting characters. Dudley Johnson ( Shavar Ross) was Arnold’s new best friend, who, like Arnold, was also adopted, with whom he shared many memorable childhood scrapes. Some of these were important or serious storylines under the “very special episode” heading, which Diff’rent Strokes popularized (see below).

Who was the actor who played Webster in Whatever Happened to Webster?

The latter starred adorable kid star Emmanuel Lewis as Webster Long, who goes to live with George Papadopolis, a former football teammate of Webster’s late father, and George’s wife, Katherine (who Webster called “Ma’am”).