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Who are Sacramento City Council members?

Who are Sacramento City Council members?


  • Darrell Steinberg – Mayor.
  • Vice Mayor Jay Schenirer (District 5)
  • District 1 – Angelique Ashby.
  • District 2 – Sean Loloee.
  • District 3 – Jeff Harris.
  • District 4 – Katie Valenzuela.
  • District 6 – Eric Guerra.
  • District 7 – Rick Jennings, II.

Do City Council members get paid Sacramento?

The Sacramento City Council and Mayor Darrell Steinberg are getting raises. The city’s Compensation Commission approved the raises Thursday. The eight council members’ annual salary will increase from $91,915 to $96,257. Steinberg’s will increase from $136,789 to $145,440.

Who is in charge of Sacramento?

The Mayor of Sacramento is the presiding officer of the city, and is elected for a four-year term. Under the California Constitution, all judicial, school, county, and city offices, including those of chartered cities, are nonpartisan. The 56th and current Mayor is Darrell Steinberg.

How much do city council members make in Sacramento?

Sacramento City Council
Salary Councilmembers: $65,772 (annual) Mayor: $111,106 (annual)
Meeting place
Sacramento City Hall Sacramento, California

What area is District 2 in Sacramento?

Sacramento’s District 2, which encompasses neighborhoods like Del Paso Heights, Woodlake, North Sacramento and Robla, has a contested race this year between two-term incumbent Allen Warren and newcomer Sean Loloee.

How much do city council members make in Sacramento CA?

What percentage of Sacramento is Democrat?

Cities by population and voter registration

hideCities by population and voter registration
City Population Democratic
Isleton 702 52.4%
Rancho Cordova 64,072 43.1%
Sacramento 463,537 52.4%

Can you get married at Sacramento City Hall?

In Sacramento, couples may decide to get married at City Hall for a number of different reasons. Before getting married couples must schedule an appointment to purchase a license and to schedule a civil ceremony. An appointment can be scheduled by calling (916) 874-6131 or by visiting

Who is Sacramento City Manager?

Manager Howard Chan
Sacramento council set to approve significant raise for City Manager Howard Chan.

Do Sacramento City Council members have term limits?

The Sacramento City Charter does not contain term limits for council members or mayors. Of the cities surveyed by the Charter Review Committee, four had full time council members, two were in mayor-council cities and two were in council-manager cities. The Sacramento City Council is part time.

What is the cost of living in Sacramento California?

Sacramento cost of living is 118.2

COST OF LIVING Sacramento California
Grocery 104.8 105.1
Health 96.7 92.4
Housing 141.6 239.1
Median Home Cost $435,600 $684,800

What is Sacramento County known for?

Sacramento River – longest river within California, flowing south for 447 miles. American River – in 1848, gold was found, which lead to the Gold Rush. Leading agricultural crops – wine grapes, milk, poultry, pears, nursery stock​ The area of the County is 944 square miles.

How many districts does the Sacramento City Council have?

Since 1971, the city has been divided into eight council districts. Each district’s boundaries are created using data from the United States Census so that each district contains a relatively equal number of citizens.

Who is the city manager of Sacramento CA?

The management and operations of city affairs are not under the direct control of the mayor or the council; these matters are delegated to a city manager, who is appointed by Sacramento’s Mayor and serves at the pleasure of the council.

Where can I find the Sacramento City Council agenda?

To view the complete schedule of all Council and other Legislative Bodies meetings, please visit the: 2020 Standing Committee Calendars (Budget and Audit Committee, Law and Legislation Committee, Personnel & Public Employees Committee, Water Committee) NEED ASSISTANCE OR HAVE QUESTIONS?

When did the Sacramento City Council become odd numbered?

As a result, councilmembers in odd numbered districts were elected to 6-year terms in 1971 that ended in 1977.