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Who built C-123?

Who built C-123?

Fairchild Aircraft
Chase Aircraft
Fairchild C-123 Provider/Manufacturers

What was the C-123 used for?

Designed by the Chase Aircraft Company in New Jersey and built by Fairchild Industries in Hagerstown, Maryland, the C-123 was utilized in Vietnam for a range of tactical missions including transportation of military personnel and equipment, evacuation of wounded soldiers, and supply operations for advanced combat …

When was C-123 retired?

Fairchild C-123 Provider

C-123 Provider
Designer Michael Stroukoff
First flight 14 October 1949
Introduction 1956
Retired U.S. Air Force c. 1980

Who owns Fairchild?

In December 1999, Fairchild Aerospace Corporation was acquired by German insurer Allianz A.G. and the United States investment group Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Inc. for $1.2 billion. In 2003, the assets of Fairchild were purchased by M7 Aerospace and the new company was moved to San Antonio.

What was before the C 130?

The C-123 Provider was designed originally as an assault glider aircraft for the United States Air Force (USAF) by Chase Aircraft as the XCG-20 (Chase designation MS-8 Avitruc) Two powered variants of the XCG-20 were developed during the early 1950s, as the XC-123 and XC-123A.

What kind of planes dropped Agent Orange?

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Air Force used C-123 aircraft to spray Agent Orange to clear jungles that provided enemy cover in Vietnam.

When was the last a-10 built?

The first flight of the A-10 was in May 1972, and a total of 713 aircraft were produced. The production of A-10 aircraft came to an end in 1984.

What happened to Fairchild?

Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. Schlumberger bought the firm in 1979 and sold it to National Semiconductor in 1987; Fairchild was spun off as an independent company again in 1997. In September 2016, Fairchild was acquired by ON Semiconductor.