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Who does Arshavin play for?

Who does Arshavin play for?

Andrey Arshavin

Personal information
2013–2015 Zenit Saint Petersburg 35
2015–2016 Kuban Krasnodar 8
2016–2018 Kairat 84
Total 536

What happened to Arshavin?

In the end Arshavin re-joined Zenit in 2012 on loan before a permanent switch back to the club followed in June 2013. Overall, he had scored 31 goals in 144 appearances through his Arsenal career. Overall, he scored 31 goals in 108 appearances for the club before eventually announcing his retirement in December 2018.

Is Arshavin retired?

Andrey Arshavin/Career end

It’s true Arshavin dropped off the face of the British-centric soccer world when he left Arsenal to return to his native Russia in 2013. He only just retired in December 2018, after a few years with Zenit Saint Petersburg, Kuban Krasnodar and Kairat.

What position did Arshavin play Arsenal?

Andrey Arshavin/Position

Was Arshavin a good player?

He was a very good guy but very shy. He didn’t really open up so much to us. It was hard to tell whether he was happy in London or not because he kept everything inside of him.” If Arshavin did reach out during his time at Arsenal, it was not to his teammates but his fans.

What footed Arshavin?

Most impressive is Arshavin’s ambidexterity — the second goal demonstrates that Arshavin’s right foot is his preferred side, but for his fourth, he’s happy to take the ball on his left side, slashing slightly across the ball to the near post, which seems to take Reina by surprise.

How old is Arshavin?

40 years (May 29, 1981)
Andrey Arshavin/Age

Why did Arshavin retire?

Andrey Arshavin, one of the greatest and most enigmatic footballers Russia has ever produced, has announced that he will retire at the end of the season. However, his natural talent, combined with encouragement from his father, himself an amateur footballer, pushed him to secure a contract with local side Zenit.

Which country is Arshavin?

Andrey Arshavin/Nationality

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