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Who is Fortress Maximus and what is his weakness?

Who is Fortress Maximus and what is his weakness?

Fortress Maximus (aka Brave Maximus) is a colossal Autobot guardian hidden on Earth to protect the planet from evil. Immense in strength, unmatchable in firepower and impregnable in durability, Fortress Maximus’s only weakness is his compassion for children.

Who is Fortress Maximus in robots in disguise?

The name or term “Fortress Maximus” refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Fortress Maximus (disambiguation). Fortress Maximus is an Autobot Headmaster Titan from the 2001 Robots in Disguise continuity family.

How did Scourge get to Fortress Maximus in rid?

Having discovered the hiding place of Fortress Maximus, Scourge utilised the Autobot portion of his energy-signature to activate Cerebros, who then brought Fortress Maximus online.

Where was the Fortress Maximus located in Transformers?

Fortress Maximus was hidden on Earth eons ago in order to protect the planet, slumbering in stasis beneath the surface of the planet, where Metro City would come to be built.

Where does the Neo Brave Maximus come from?

When Vector Sigma granted the Dimensional Patrol the new Neo Brave Maximus, Plasma and Brave were transferred to it. The old Brave Maximus was given to the Autobots on Earth, with Master and Zebres as control units and solitarium as a power source.

How did Galvatron survive the battle with Maximus?

Galvatron survived the barrage, however, and restored his strength by affixing himself to Maximus and draining the giant robot’s energy, supercharging himself. Galvatron’s Revenge Omega Prime proceeded to challenge Galvatron to a final battle at the Earth’s core.

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