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Who is the commentator for Bering Sea Gold?

Who is the commentator for Bering Sea Gold?

Mike Rowe took over narrating duties on Bering Sea Gold in 2013. You might recognize Mike Rowe as “the dirtiest man on TV,” a moniker he earned by hosting eight seasons of Discovery Channel’s famous Dirty Jobs.

Who is the richest person on Bering Sea Gold?

Shawn Pomrenke- $3 million Shawn earns about $200,000 from each mining season and receives an annual salary of about $500,000. In 2016 alone, he mined about $1 million worth of gold. His current net worth stands at $3 million, making him the richest cast member of ‘Bering Sea Gold.

Who is Emily’s boyfriend on Bering Sea Gold?

Emily Riedel’s Fianc√© In April 2020, Emily started dating a man named Alex. Not much was known about their relationship until January 21, 2021, when Emily posted that she had gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Alex. Blessed to be marrying a fine gentleman.

What happened to the gold grabber on Bering Sea Gold?

The AU Grabber (pronounced as: Gold Grabber;) is an self-propelled barge excavator dredge used to mine Bering Sea placer gold deposits in the region around Nome, Alaska, USA. Though no longer part of the show, in 2020, the dredge once again appeared on Bering Sea Gold, still mining in the Nome region.

Has anyone died on Bering Sea Gold?

When the series was airing its second season, tragedy struck as 26-year-old John Bunce passed away. John was a diver on Zeke Tenhoff’s dredging ship called The Edge. Before the second season came to an end, the series clarified that John Bunce had died by suicide. …

Is Zeke Tenhoff still mining?

Although Zeke’s had his ups and downs in the gold-searching business, Discovery says that he’s “always been the boss” which is evident in the way he handles himself and his mining jobs on the program. …

What is Parker Schnabel net worth?

By 2020, however, Parker’s net worth was estimated at $10 million.

How much is Chris Kelly worth Bering Sea Gold?

As reported by TV Show Casts, Kris’s current net worth stands at $200,000, with his primary source of income being his mining work and starring on the show. Interestingly enough, his father, Brad Kelly, has a net worth of $2.2 million.

How much are the Kellys worth on Bering Sea Gold?

Is Bering Sea Gold fake?

This incident was apparently not in any way scripted or pre-planned. Taking everything into consideration, when it comes to ‘Bering Sea Gold,’ it is pretty much a mixed bag of real events that are sometimes altered in post-production to give an amplified feel of the drama.

What is Shawn Pomrenkes net worth?

As reported by TV Over Mind, Pomrenke’s net worth is currently $3M. He also earns around $200,000 per season for starring on ‘Bering Sea Gold’.