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Who is the leader of the Houthi?

Who is the leader of the Houthi?

Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi (Arabic: عبد الملك بدر الدين الحوثي‎) is a Yemeni politician who serves as the leader of the Zaidi revolution movement Ansar Allah (Houthis). His brothers Yahia and Abdul-Karim are also leaders of the group, as were his late brothers Hussein, Ibrahim, and Abdulkhalik.

Where is Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi?

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi is the military, spiritual, and political leader of the Houthis in Yemen.

Are Houthis from Iran?

The Houthis have emerged from Yemen’s civil war as an increasingly important element in the Iranian-led constellation of revisionist actors that surrounds Saudi Arabia and Israel. They also provide Iran with new options for targeting American forces in the Middle East.

Why did Houthis attack Saudi Arabia?

Why did the Houthis step up their attacks? The Saudi-led coalition said in a statement the Houthis had been “encouraged [the group] to go too far in launching armed drones and ballistic missiles towards civilians in Yemen and Saudi Arabia” after the new US administration revoked Trump’s “terrorist” designation.

Is Yemen Shia or Sunni?

Population. Religion in Yemen consists primarily of two principal Islamic religious groups: 75% of the Muslim population is Sunni Muslim and around 25% is Zaidi Shia, according to the UNHCR.

Who ruled Yemen now?


Republic of Yemen ٱلْجُمْهُورِيَّةُ ٱلْيَمَنِيَّةُ (Arabic) al-Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic (de jure) Unitary provisional government (de facto)
• President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi (non-resident)
• Vice President Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar
• Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed

Are houthi Sunni or Shia?

Houthi movement The claim is supported that they are Yemen’s Shia minority containing 25 percent of the country’s Muslims. Similar to Sunni Muslims in matters of religious law and rulings, the Houthi belief in the concept of an Imamate as being essential to their religion makes them distinct from Sunni Muslims.

Is Yemen an Arab country?

It is the second-largest Arab sovereign state in the peninsula, occupying 555,000 square kilometres (214,000 square miles).

Is Iran Sunni or Shia?

According to some surveys, almost all of Iran’s 82,000,000 people are Muslim, with 90% of those being Shi’a, almost all of these from the Twelver sect. Another 10% are Sunni, most of them Kurds, Achomis, Turkmens, and Baluchs, living in the northwest, northeast, south, and southeast.

Is Iran supporting Yemen?

Iran has denied supporting the Houthis. A spokesman for Iran’s mission to the United Nations in New York dismissed Lenderking’s remarks as unsubstantiated claims against Iran. “Iran has, time and again called for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Yemen,” the Iranian spokesman said.

What country is Saudi Arabia at war with?

Saudi Arabia, along with the United Arab Emirates and other countries, entered the war alongside Yemen’s internationally recognized government in March 2015. The war has killed some 130,000 people, including over 13,000 civilians slain in targeted attacks, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Project.

Is Saudi Arabia in war with Yemen?

Yemeni fighters backed by the Saudi-led coalition on the Kassara frontline near Marib, Yemen, June 20, 2021. After its yearslong bombing campaign, Saudi Arabia is now desperate to get out of Yemen, and ready to talk peace. A Saudi-led coalition entered the war the following year on the side of the government.