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Who played the mom in Serial Mom?

Who played the mom in Serial Mom?

Serial Mom is a 1994 American black comedy crime film written and directed by John Waters, starring Kathleen Turner as the title character, Sam Waterston as her husband, along with Ricki Lake and Matthew Lillard (in his film debut) as her children.

Is the movie Serial Mom true?

The opening credits claim that the movie is based on a true story. This is not actually the case; the titles are just the first of the film’s many satires of true crime. The video store in the film is John Waters’ actual local video store.

Does Amazon Prime have Serial Mom?

Watch Serial Mom | Prime Video.

What is Serial Mom rated?

Serial Mom/MPAA rating

What is wrong with Kathleen Turners voice?

LOS ANGELES – When Kathleen Turner, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, was told by a physician that she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, she “fired that doctor immediately.” “I am stubborn,” declared the actress in that famous smoky voice, which was good to hear again.

Where Can I Find Serial Mom?

You are able to stream Serial Mom by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

What was the movie Serial Mom about?

Happy housewife Beverly Sutphin has a charmed life – a beautiful suburban home, a successful dentist husband, and two normal teenagers. However, when one of her son’s teachers speaks disparagingly of the boy at a parent-teacher conference, Bev runs the instructor over in the school parking lot. Suddenly she has an insatiable taste for murder. Six homicides later, the cops get wise to her crimes.
Serial Mom/Film synopsis

Does Netflix have Serial Mom?

Watch Serial Mom on Netflix Today!

Is Serial Mom a good movie?

SERIAL MOM takes a sharp, satirical look at our obsession with serial killers and is a witty glorification of violence for comedy. April 15, 2019 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

Is that Kathleen Turner on mom?

Patsy Magee
Kathleen Turner/Mothers

Are Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner still friends?

After Romancing and two more hit films in the 1980s, The Jewel of the Nile and The War of the Roses, Turner and Douglas kept in touch and have remained friends for nearly 40 years. “You protect and cherish when you’ve got a good relationship,” says Douglas.

Is Serial Mom streaming anywhere?

Watch Serial Mom Streaming Online | Peacock.