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Who plays West in The Next Step?

Who plays West in The Next Step?

Lamar Johnson

Actor Character Seasons
Samantha Grecchi Stephanie Main
Lamar Johnson West Main
Brennan Clost Daniel Main

Did Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman date?

Who is she dating currently? The onscreen boyfriend and girlfriend couple of The Next Step, Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are rumored to be dating beyond the screen. However, their love affair and relationship has not confirmed yet.

Is Riley and Emily sisters in real life?

Alexandra Beaton plays Emily on the show, a contemporary dancer and the captain of the The Next Step Studio, as well as the leader of the E-Girls. Brittany Raymond has been dancing since the age of six. She plays Riley on the show; Emily’s younger sister and the sensible one in the group.

Are Jacquie and Davis actually sisters in real life?

She is the real-life younger sister of Berkeley Ratzlaff, who portrays Davis.

Does Richelle get with Noah?

When Elliot is cast in Robin Hood the Musical, Richelle is thrilled for him, despite this meaning that Noah did not get the part. They go out and celebrate together. However, due to Elliot having to go to California to help a girl in the musical, he breaks up with her.

Who is Brittany Raymond dating in 2020?

Trevor Tordjman
Know about her Affairs. The onscreen boyfriend and girlfriend couple of The Next Step, Brittany Raymond and Trevor Tordjman are rumored to be dating beyond the screen.

How old is Trevor Flanagan?

25 years (November 22, 1995)
Trevor Tordjman/Age

Why did Chris leave The Next Step?

Chris was the head choreographer for The Next Step in Season 1, but left in Season 2 to become a co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy, a rival studio.

How old is Briar Nolet now?

22 years (December 27, 1998)
Briar Nolet/Age

Why did Noah and Amanda break up TNS?

Amanda eventually tells Noah she loves him. Despite how well Amanda’s relationship with Noah seems to be going, the relationship ends for an undisclosed reason and, following Noah’s distraught nature following their breakup, it can be assumed that Amanda broke up with Noah as opposed to Noah breaking up with her.

Who is Noah from The Next Step dating in real life?

Myles Erlick
I’m very lucky.” Nolet’s boyfriend is Myles Erlick, who plays Noah on The Next Step. They met on the show when Nolet was 13 and seven years later are still going strong. Fans of the show refer to them as “Bryles”.

Who is west east north from the next step?

There’s no explaining it, he’s from another planet. West East North is a self-taught hip-hop dancer and former member and co- head choreographer of A-Troupe . While a member of Seeds Street Crew, West joins B-Troupe. He eventually is promoted to A-Troupe, but still remains a member of Seeds.

Why did West leave seeds in the next step?

West originally danced for a dance group called Seeds. He left Seeds so he could become a better dancer. West first auditioned for B-Troupe and then after he auditioned for A-Troupe. West never got involved in much drama, aside from joining Michelle’s secret dance in Season 1.

What kind of character is west from the next step?

West keeps to himself and is sometimes misunderstood. He is known to dub people’s dialogue. West is a funny character, and is friends with everyone at the Next Step. He hates drama. He is also very king and caring about his friends. West often wears bright colored tank tops paired with shorts or sweats.

How did Emily and West interact in the next step?

West and Emily did not interact much at the beginning of Season 2, but when Emily has to be mean for her plan with Riley, West defends Riley and yells at Emily. When Amanda’s plan becomes exposed West apologizes to Emily and they start a really good friendship. West develops a crush on Emily, and at Nationals he asks her on a date.