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Why did wikispaces shut down?

Why did wikispaces shut down?

Due to cost issues, classroom and free-level Wikispaces closed on July 31, 2018, while private Wikispaces closed on January 31, 2019.

What is wikispaces classroom?

Wikispaces classroom is an online platform that enables you as a teacher to help students collaborate in an engaging educational environment.

Is wikispaces free for teachers?

You can use Teachers Free tutorial making tools to create your own tutorial about how students can use the wiki you are about to set up and share it with students.

Does wikispaces exist?

Wikispaces, one of education’s standout collaborative websites, closed at the end of June 2018. Thousands of teachers have used the free Wikispaces platform to share materials with students and colleagues, to run online classrooms, or as the virtual arm of a blended course.

What can I use instead of wikispaces?

The best alternative is TiddlyWiki, which is both free and Open Source. Other great sites and apps similar to Wikispaces are Nuclino (Freemium), DokuWiki (Free, Open Source), FANDOM (Free) and Miraheze (Free, Open Source).

What is the meaning of wikispaces?

Wikispaces. Wikispaces was a wiki hosting service based in San Francisco, California. Launched by Tangient LLC in March 2005, Wikispaces was purchased by Tes Global (formerly TSL Education) in March 2014. It competed with PBworks, Wetpaint, Wikia, and Google Sites (formerly JotSpot).

What are the 9 types of wiki sites?

10 Popular Wiki Sites and Wiki Examples Worth Checking Out

  • Wikitravel.
  • WikiHow.
  • WikiBooks.
  • Wiktionary.
  • Fandom.
  • Wikispecies.
  • Gamepedia.
  • Wikimedia Commons.

How do you create a Wikispaces account?

First thing that you will need to do is navigate your browser to Then, you will be prompted with a box that allows you to join. If you follow the prompts, you will be asked to supply a desired username and a password. As simple as that, you have an account that you can begin using.

What is Wikispace in ICT?

Wikispaces: A wiki is a website which allows its users to add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser. On a wiki students can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media. A wiki can be made public so anyone can edit the space or limited to just a class or a few participants.

What is a wiki and give an example?

A wiki is a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser. Wikis end up being created mainly by a collaborative effort of the site visitors. A great example of a large wiki is the Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia in many languages that anyone can edit.

What is the meaning of Wikispaces?