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Why does my bathroom shaver socket buzz?

Why does my bathroom shaver socket buzz?

The buzzing is often caused by a a component being loose or transformer laminations slightly separating which means that as the 50Hz AC continually changes the magnetic field there are vibrations at around 100Hz which is what you can hear.

Can you plug an electric toothbrush into a shaver socket?

No, not quite. A 2 pin plug found on an electric toothbrush or shaver has pins that are closer together than a traditional 2 pin EU mains adapter. This means that appliances that would normally connect to a shaver socket cannot and should not be connected to mains power in Europe.

Can I install a shaver socket in my bathroom?

Shaver sockets without transformers should not be used in a wet area such as a shower room or bathroom. Both types of shaver socket should be connected through an FCU or Fused Connection Unit, with the lowest fuse rating e.g. 3 amp.

Should a shaver socket hum?

Re: Shaver socket hum In answer to the OP, the hum is more mechanically caused (loose laminations in the transformer) than anything else. Other than being annoying it is not dangerous.

Can I charge my Oral B toothbrush into shaver socket?

In short, yes it will work but the socket may eventually fail. Not just toothbrushes which often take 24 hours to charge or are designed to be permanently trickle charging but rechargeable shavers too.

Does a shaver socket need to be earthed?

Both types of shaver socket-outlet may be either Class I construction (having metal parts required to be earthed) or Class II construction (having no exposed metal parts required to be earthed). A shaver socket-outlet with a transformer is called a shaver supply unit.

How do you test a shaver socket?

you need to confirm separation of the transformer in the unit itself, and then segregation of the circuit supporting the shaver from the rest of the circuits of the install. to test the shaver unit before install on the bench, lift off the cover from the terminals( this will be slightly different for each manufacturer) …

Can you run a shaver socket off a ring main?

Yes of course you can run a shaver socket from a ring final with no FCU in between.

Can I use a hairdryer in a shaver socket?

Re: Question about ” SHAVERS ONLY ” socket in the Toilet You should get into the British habit of using the hair dryer in the bedroom. The building code in the UK is intended to prevent electrical appliances from being used in bathrooms.

Can you spur off a shaver socket?

A shaver socket must only supply one item. If there are two outlets they both must have their own isolated windings. They are type tested and it is not permissible to alter them and although it would seem safer to have the transformer remote from socket it is not allowed.

Where can you fit a shaver socket in a bathroom?

The use or installation of sockets is not allowed in bathrooms or shower rooms unless they can be fitted at least 3 metres from the bath or shower. The only exception to this is a shaver-supply unit.

Why does my diynot shaver socket keep buzzing?

Click to expand… Transformers can buzz due to vibrating laminations. Shaver socket on lighting circuit is OK. Cure change the unit. Cheap LEDs (and often expensive ones) cause radio interference. Switch mode LED drivers also cause interference.

Why does my Shaver buzz when I Turn on the light?

Sounds like a slack connection or normal transformer function however you may find, as its been installed in the unit its echoing the vibration , I would assume that the bathroom fitters done the electrical work which majority of them do, may need to relocate or re-terminate and or buy a better shaver point to solve this issue.

Is there a problem with my shaver socket?

Click to expand… Replace the socket before it overheats and cracks across the front. A common problem with that brand of shaver socket. They at 10 year old MK shaver sockets. Click to expand… Replace the socket before it overheats and cracks across the front.

Why does my toothbrush buzz in the bathroom?

We have just plugged our electric toothbrush base into the shaver socket in the bathroom of our “new” house and there is a loud buzzing. The buzz is worse in the en-suite than the bathroom. (the socket is on the light circuit. is this right?) Do we have a problem with the sockets? What do we need to do? We have LED downlighters (mains and 12v).