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Will a 38-55 kill a deer?

Will a 38-55 kill a deer?

Registered. If the loads are kept to standard 38-55 spec’s the sharps should not be too bad on the shoulder. 38-55’s are a good mix of heavy for caliber bullet with mild recoil. Plenty for deer.

What is a 38-55 rifle good for?

375 loads in an older rifle could cause serious injury to the shooter. The . 38-55 is used to hunt black bear and deer at moderate ranges and is also used in cowboy action shooting side matches.

Will a 55 grain bullet kill a deer?

223s shooting 55-grain bullets had a muzzle velocity of 2,784 fps from an AR with a 16-inch barrel. The same load increased bullet speed nearly 200 fps, to 2,979 fps, when shot through a 20-inch barrel. 223 needs all the bullet weight and speed possible to become a passable cartridge for deer.

Will a 55 grain 243 kill a deer?

For the small varmint/pest hunter, the . 243 loaded with 55 to 70-grain bullets is a lethal setup. Although they will do the job if placed well, most bullets in this weight range are not constructed stoutly enough to be recommended for deer and antelope. The Barnes or similar solid copper bullets are an exception.

What is the most popular Winchester rifle?

Winchester Model 1894 rifle
The Winchester Model 1894 rifle (also known as the Winchester 94 or Model 94) is a lever-action repeating rifle that became one of the most famous and popular hunting rifles of all time.

What kind of rifle is the Winchester 38 55?

However, today the most available (new) .38-55 production rifle is probably the Winchester Model 94 Angle-Ejectlever action, which is currently available in Sporter (24 inch barrel), Carbine (20 inch barrel) and Short Rifle (20 inch barrel) models.

Which is the parent case for the 38 55 Winchester?

The .38-55 survived the transition to smokeless powder and was the first cartridge offered in the famous Model 1894 Winchester. Its case, necked-down, is the parent case for the .30-30, .25-35 and .32 Special. Later, Winchester strengthened this versatile case and used it for their .375 Winchester cartridge.

How big is the groove on a 38-55 Winchester?

I cannot prove that none of the earliest 38-55 cases had such “thin-enough” necks, but I have seen nothing to suggest that any such cases ever existed. The fact that standard 38-55 bullet diameter has always been listed as 0.377- to 0.378-inch, while groove diameter has always been listed as near 0.379-inch lends strong support to this view.

Is the 38-55 Winchester a good Reamer?

Most serious target shooters using the 38-55 rifle have found that this reamer cuts a chamber that provides significantly superior accuracy with any tested conventional-cast bullet of groove diameter or slightly larger and with jacketed bullets of groove diameter and it has become a bestseller for Manson.