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Will Narnia 4 come out?

Will Narnia 4 come out?

But The Chronicles of Narnia Movie 4, The Silver Chair now won’t be happening at all… and the future is looking very confusing. The future of Narnia 4 is in serious doubt, as Netflix has acquired the rights to the book series. Netflix says they’ll create Narnia movies and TV shows (!!!) within this fantasy ‘universe’.

Which is the 4th part of Narnia?

The Silver Chair is a children’s fantasy novel by C. S. Lewis, published by Geoffrey Bles in 1953. It was the fourth published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia (1950–1956); it is volume six in recent editions, which are sequenced according to Narnian history.

What is the 4th Narnia movie about?

Story-wise, The Silver Chair picks up one year (in our world) after the events of Dawn Treader, and follows that novel’s co-protagonist, the Pevensies’ cousin Eustace Scrubb, as he and his peer Jill Pole travel to Narnia to help a now-old King Caspian locate his missing heir, Prince Rilian.

Where can I watch the fourth Narnia movie?

All three The Chronicles of Narnia films are available to watch on Disney+. After all, the first two films were distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, and Fox, which replaced it for The Voyage of Dawn Trader was later acquired by Disney, making them all available to Disney+ subscribers.

Why was Narnia banned?

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was banned in 1990 for depicting graphic violence, mysticism, and gore. And in 2005, when Jed Bush picked it for a required reading book in Florida, and the novel was viewed as not politically correct for school reading.

Is Netflix making a Narnia series?

“Netflix will develop new series and film projects based on C.S. Lewis’ beloved The Chronicles of Narnia series. Under the terms of a multi-year deal between Netflix and The C.S. Lewis Company, Netflix will develop classic stories from across the Narnia universe into series and films for its members worldwide.