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Will there be an X-23 movie?

Will there be an X-23 movie?

In a 2019 interview with The Playlist, James Mangold reaffirmed he was very interested in making an X-23 movie, but doubted it would happen “in the near future.” The existence of a Laura solo movie within the MCU could possibly be explained via alternate timelines or universes, but there has been no talk of the spinoff …

Who is X-23 Wolverine?

Laura Kinney
Laura Kinney is X-23, the perfect killing machine created from stolen DNA of Wolverine himself. Now free from The Facility that valued her only as a killer, Laura has become a hero and sometimes member of the X-Men. Currently, she has taken up the mantle from Logan as the All-New Wolverine!

Is X-23 dead?

Belasco said that X-23’s soul wasn’t even worth taking because “it reeks of man’s science” and that she wasn’t real. Belasco killed X-23, to the horror of her friends Mercury and Dust, only to resurrect and kill her over and over in a painful cycle.

Is Spider Man no way home out?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 17, 2021. It was previously set for release on July 16, 2021, but was pushed back to November 5, 2021, before it was further shifted to the December 2021 date, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be part of Phase Four of the MCU.

Is Wolverine coming back to Deadpool 3?

Though Logan holds a special place in Hugh Jackman’s heart, the actor says he is ‘done’ with the role and wants someone to tell Ryan Reynolds. Don’t count on that Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 3.

Who did Logan have a daughter with?

Sarah Kinney, whom she considered her adopted mother. Laura has Wolverine’s DNA, but it’s actually entirely mixed with Sarah’s. The result, Tony explains, is that Laura is no clone, or even a “genetic twin.” Laura is Wolverine’s biological daughter, and Sarah is fully her biological mother.

Is Logan dead?

Laura loads Logan’s revolver with the adamantium bullet and shoots X-24 in the head, killing him. Near death, Logan tells Laura not to become the weapon that she was made to be, and after she tearfully acknowledges him as her father, he dies peacefully in her arms.

Who is Laura’s mom in Logan?

Sarah Kinney, the scientist who carried Laura’s cloned body to term and considered a motherly figure to the X-Man, has her DNA inside Laura as well. Therefore, just as Logan is considered X-23’s father, Sarah is confirmed to be her mother.

Will there be 3 Spidermans?

Spider-Man No Way Home release date: When is Spider-Man 3 out? Long story short, Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released in cinemas on December 17, 2021. We’ve got a lot of hope that the December release date will stick, despite previous delays for the movie.