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5 funny approaches for coding

Blog about programming stops forced break. I haven’t forgotten about the game by LAM-40, but flunked everything set deadlines, and news about it yet. To warm up propose to read educational web games that will cure radio bee any.


More and more people around saying that you want to learn programming, but does not do this. I understand them. First is always difficult, and in the case of programming even more so. At first when facing the screen shaft of obscure code, I want to just shut everything down and do something else. But the last 5-10 years, the education code was not in place, and now the first steps to do is much simpler: you don’t even have to take up the particular language, and to start with the basics of thinking, laws, and General programming concepts. Help educational games and simple interactive course on designing games — they are now complete. I have selected the best of those that met, but surely some have missed, so feel free to share links in the comments.


Great multiplayer web game. Like others in this list, designed for children and teenagers, but adults who don’t understand the code.


Sunset on the other hand, is based on learning the language of Scratch and block approach. You are developing their versions of popular games and thereby get to know the basics of programming.

Game Maven

Another approach to designing games for beginners: rudimentary, but at the same time more thoughtful. Before you start, can take preliminary courses on the parent website Crunchzilla.


The game teaches you to think algorithmically: you write for a robot program, which helps him to solve the puzzle.

The Doctor and The Dalek

Perfect not only for those who like “Doctor Who”, though fans will certainly appreciate most. If you want you can ignore the main game and go directly to the tasks of programming.

Remember that all of these games are fraught with danger. Yes, they teach the basics, but it is a substitute — there is no sense to linger. They are good at first stage when you need to overcome the fear of code, but the sooner you go to writing your own programs, the better. About the most useful online courses that will help (and possibly about games for those who have already mastered programming), speak in one of future releases, but for now — have fun!