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Are Honda cars better than Maruti Suzuki?

Are Honda cars better than Maruti Suzuki?

In terms of outright performance, the Honda City petrol and diesel cars clock 0-100 Kph runs in 10.13 and 14.75 seconds. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol and diesels do the same run in 12.02 and 13.5 seconds respectively. In mileage, the Ciaz wins with a 26.25 Kmpl number for the diesel and 20.73 Kmpl for the petrol.

Is CIAZ longer than Honda City?

The new Honda City is 4,549 mm long, 1,748 mm wide, 1,489 mm tall, and has a 2,600 mm-long wheelbase. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, on the other hand, is 4,490 mm long, 1,730 mm wide, 1,485 mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2,650 mm.

Which is better CIAZ petrol or diesel?

The choice of whether to opt for petrol or diesel depends on the commute you will be doing in your car. If your commute is more than fifteen kilometers per day it is better to opt for the petrol Maruti Ciaz otherwise it will be better to turn to the diesel variant.

Is Ciaz a success?

Commenting on the feat, MSIL Senior Executive Director (Marketing & Sales) Shashank Srivastava said since its launch in 2014, the Ciaz has “witnessed a resounding success in the highly competitive premium sedan segment”. The model competes with the likes of Honda City and Hyundai Verna.

What are the disadvantages of Ciaz?


  • Ride Quality – The ride quality on the Ciaz won’t win it any fans. It isn’t jarring and it doesn’t crash into every pothole it finds, but it is noisy and unsettled.
  • Lacks emotion – The Ciaz doesn’t pull at your heartstrings. It’s not a great design.

Which version of Honda Amaze is best?

Out of the 4 variants of the 2020 Honda Amaze petrol, the V variant offers the best value for money.

Does Honda Amaze have resale value?

Segments include hatchback, sedan and SUV/MPV cars….You can also refer to the table to know resale value of the cars.

Brand Purchase Price Resale Value (After 3 yrs)
Maruti Wagon R 4 lakhs 2.5 lakhs
Maruti Swift 5 lakhs 2.5-3 lakhs
Hyundai i20 5-6.5 lakhs 3-4.5 lakhs
Honda Amaze Diesel 4-8 lakhs 3-5 lacs

Is CIAZ spacious?

The back seat of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has the most headroom and shoulder room while the Verna is the least spacious in those parameters. However, the rear row of the Verna is the least spacious, while the City is the most spacious and the Ciaz takes the middle ground.

Is there cruise control in CIAZ?

The NEXA Ciaz is equipped with enhanced features that make your drives easy and convenient. Some of the top features of NEXA Ciaz are – SmartPlay Studio, Cruise Control System, Intelligent Key, Pollen Filter, and so on.

Why was Ciaz diesel discontinued?

The move to discontinue the diesel powered Maruti Ciaz is a part of the company’s plans to phase out all diesel engines by April 2020, which is when the BS6 emission norms will come into effect. Maruti Suzuki may also bring back the 1.5-litre diesel engine in the BS6 form if there is a demand for it.

Is Ciaz value for money?

However, completing it with city or Verna then both cars are better in quality and performance. But if you want a sedan with less maintenance and repair then ciaz is the best option….User Review on Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Sigma 1.5 [2018-2020]

4.0 Exterior 5.0 Comfort
3.0 Performance 4.0 Fuel Economy
4.0 Value for Money