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Are ricochet skid plates good?

Are ricochet skid plates good?

Ricochet Off-Road carries skid plate kits for many different ATVs and UTVs. They offer a great level of protection at a reasonable price. Installation is easy, and they fit well on the machine. For an easy price of $439 to protect your ATV’s underside, we feel Ricochet’s kit is worth every penny.

Where are ricochet skid plates made?

Our skid plates are all made in the USA right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Having access to just about every type of terrain gives us a unique insight into building your skidplate to the highest, best quality and functioning bash plate you could hope for. Armor up and ride hard!

What is a UHMW skid plate?

A UHMW skid plate set is lightweight, strong, and offers premium surface slickness that almost pays for itself when you’re sliding over tough rocks and logs.

What is the best material for a skid plate?

Since steel is a pliable metal that can easily be damaged and it corrodes quickly as well. It is easy to work with and repair when it gets damaged, but due to its weight and lack of integrity, aluminum and UHMW are the top choices these days.

What thickness should a skid plate be?

If you want to make your own skid plate, anything over 1/8″ thick in steel will weigh WAAAAY to much. If you want to do it out of aluminum to save weight (I made a full length aluminum skid plate), you can make it out of 1/4″ diamondplate.

How thick should an aluminum skid plate be?

Most skidplates on the market these days are 3/16″. The 1/8″ ones you may still find around are not thick enough to protect you from some really hard impacts. To compare though, many rally teams are running 1/4″ thick plates for more protection.

Is HDPE or UHMW better?

But UHMW tends to be better suited for industrial or manufacturing applications where friction or wear may be a concern. However, HDPE is often performed for items that need to be shaped using techniques like welding or 3D printing, especially in tanks or vessels that need to hold chemicals or other fluids.