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The benefits of learning and teaching on online platforms

The market of online education is one of the fastest growing in the world. For example, its volume in 2016 was $ 50 billion. The most important advantage of online education is that you do not need to attend specialized educational institutions for study, you can study anywhere you have the Internet.

The benefits of learning and teaching on online platforms

In general, it is with the advent of the Internet that such progress is connected in online education: if earlier professional skills could be obtained only for money and personally communicating with the teacher, now anyone can learn anything absolutely free of charge from any part of the world, because on the same YouTube you can find hundreds of videos on any topic.

For those who want to study

Why, then, pay money for educational courses, if everything can be found for free? The fact is that you rarely can trust authors from the Internet, and in order to understand the usefulness of the course and the author’s competence, you will have to spend time and view the content. However, if you are not an expert in the chosen field, then it will be difficult for you to understand the level of competence of the author even after viewing his course. The platforms, in turn, provide an opportunity to look at the description of the course, as well as the author’s expert assurance. That is, the platform, in fact, is responsible for the usefulness of the course posted on it and for the author’s competence.

A pleasant bonus to learning can be the receipt of a certificate of completion of the course or, in the case of high student results, its completion. Such certificates are good evidence of proficiency, many people have already begun to include the availability of certificates from educational platforms in their resumes.

For those who want to learn

For the author, placing your course on a platform can also be very profitable. For example, the platform itself promotes the course until its sale, and the author simply receives a fee from a closed transaction. Of course, the platform charges a certain percentage, but it takes care of the entire sales routine, without involving the author in this process. Thus, the author acquires the popularization of his content and passive income at the same time. Also, the author independently estimates the value of his course, but it should be done only on the basis of certain data, and not to name the first price to be found, otherwise the platform can be difficult to sell content for an amount that does not match its content.

The platform can help the author and with the preparation of the course. For example, some educational platforms are engaged in the production of courses up to writing a script and step-by-step shooting. Of course, this will cost money, but the investment can justify itself with the help of sales of courses on the platform.


Online education can be an easy and quick way to acquire a specialized skill whose level of ownership will be confirmed by a certificate, while the content creator can find its audience and develop in the field of online learning.