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Can a Paslode Brad Nailer use staples?

Can a Paslode Brad Nailer use staples?

I was using it with half inch Paslode made staples and this gun jams every 10 shots or so no matter how well lubricated.

What are 16 gauge staples used for?

Both of the new 16-gauge pneumatic staplers from Paslode are adaptive to a wide array of applications—from sheathing and subflooring, to crate and pallet assembly. That’s because the new 16-gauge staplers drive an impressive range of fasteners—from 3/4″ to 2” staple lengths.

What are Crown staples good for?

Crown staplers are great for upholstery, allowing for a tight stretch of fabric. They fasten fabric to wood on the bottom of chairs and couches, where the staple goes unseen. Staples drive deep and hold firmly, but they can damage wood and leave visible holes when removed.

Can my nail gun shoot staples?

Both staple and nail guns use compressed air which allows them to shoot out staples and nails into the wood with a lot of punch and speed. If you like fine carpentry works, choose a nail gun and start working.

What is the difference between narrow crown and wide crown staples?

Many narrow crown staples have longer legs for a good grip, and some wide crown staples’ legs are shorter than you might expect. While narrow crown staples are less noticeable, they also don’t cover much territory. Some types of staples only fit into staplers made by the same manufacturer.

What kind of Crown stapler does Paslode use?

The NEW Paslode 16ga Standard Crown Stapler is built for professional framers with speed and power that will increase jobsite productivity by allowing you to work quickly, never having to pull out your hammer to finish off staples. This durable stapler will hold up to any jobsite conditions or high volume industrial usage.

How many nails per minute in a Paslode stapler?

For example, if you have two F-350S tools each driving 20 nails per minute with the compressor set at 90 PSI you get: 2 x 20 x 1.2 x .082 = 3.95. The compressor needs to deliver 3.95 CFM at 90 PSI. If you operate the tool at 120 PSI at the same rate the number will be higher: 2 x 20 x 1.2 x .108 = 5.2 CFM.

How big is a scs200 Crown stapler?

Specs Model SCS200 Part # 515700 Weight 5.5 lbs. Staple Capacity 150 (2 strip) Staple Range 3/4″ – 2″

What kind of stapler do I need for two hands?

This durable stapler will hold up to any jobsite conditions or high volume industrial usage. Adjustable steel utility hook that easily hangs over 2×4 for convenient storage when needing both hands