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Can Byakuya beat Kenpachi?

Can Byakuya beat Kenpachi?

4 Can defeat: Byakuya Kuchiki Byakuya is a flexible and smart fighter, having shunpo, a diverse array of kido, and shikai and bankai to offer. No doubt Byakuya would soon leave Kenpachi covered in nasty injuries from Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, but mere injuries don’t stop Kenpachi.

Is Byakuya stronger than zaraki?

Kenpachi Zaraki just looks super strong and Muscular than Byakuya Kuchiki. Both of them have weak points which can be exploited by both of them. Actually No. As surprising it may sound it actually is not that surprising.

Who beat Kenpachi?

Unohana activates her Bankai against Kenpachi. Recovering from Kenpachi’s devastating slash, Unohana lands a blow on the right side of the man’s face, and the two clash once more, with Unohana healing the wounds which Kenpachi had inflicted on her using her healing abilities.

How did Byakuya and Kenpachi defeat Yammy?

Byakuya releases his Bankai As Kenpachi cuts off another of Yammy’s legs, causing him to fall to the ground, he goes up to him and, believing him to be defeated, calls Byakuya over to finish the job.

Who is the better Kenpachi Byakuya or Kuchiki?

Im gonna say byakuya kuchiki wins these fight kenpachi is cold but i don’t think he can beat kuchiki. “Im gonna say byakuya kuchiki wins these fight kenpachi is cold but i don’t think he can beat kuchiki.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Byakuya?

Byakuya’s strengths – speed, kido mastery, a large-area long-range zanpakuto, general versitality – play to to Kenpachi’s weaknesses: no regard for bodily harm, no kido knowledge, no shunpo knowledge, no way to reliably attack from range. How would Kenpachi counter a full-on assault from senbonzakura?

Who are the characters that Kenpachi can defeat?

Several Espada will appear on this list, and while Kenpachi could take on Grimmjow, it’s the other way around against the Segunda Espada! He was almost definitely a Vasto Lorde, and with a zanpakuto, Barragan is an apocalypse on legs.

What kind of power does Kenpachi have in Bleach?

In his released form, Arrogante, his decay aura is even wider and stronger, and his Respira (death breath) can kill or dissolve anything whatsoever. Kenpachi’s sword, spiritual power, and flesh would crumble to dust in the face of power like this.