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Can u buy RP with paysafe?

Can u buy RP with paysafe?

paysafecard is a safe and easy way to purchase Riot Points (RP) onto your League of Legends account without requiring a bank account or credit card.

Can you get a 15 paysafecard?

3.2 You must be 18 years old or older to purchase a classic paysafecard. 3.3 You can purchase a paysafecard only from a Distribution Outlet upon payment by you of the value printed on the paysafecard (“Value”). 3.4 You can purchase up to 10 paysafecard from a Distribution Outlet at any one time.

How many RP does a $25 card give?

How much RP do I get with each card?

US Price (In US Dollars) RP
$10 US 1,380
$25 US 3,500
$50 US 7,200

How much Rp do you get for 20?

North America (NA)

RP 650 2800
US Dollar US$5 US$20
RP 520 2250
Current Altered RP 490 2075
Canadian Dollar C$5 C$20

Does Amazon accept paysafecard?

We recently expanded our partnership with Amazon. As a paysafecard customer, you already pay with cash on the Internet today. Now it has become even easier to do so on Amazon. With our new cash product “Paysafecash” you can load any amount between 5 GBP and 499 GBP directly into your Amazon Gift Card balance.

How can I get free paysafe?

To receive your free Paysafecard code, all you have to do is sign up for an account on Idle-Empire, answer a few paid surveys, watch videos, or complete offers and quickly redeem your points for a Paysafecard that will be delivered to you via email.

How much does 1000 RP cost?

How much RP do I get with each card?

Price AU NZ
$10 1,000 975
$25 2,575 2,440
$50 5,400 5,100

How much is 3250 RP?

There are also three ultimate skins that cost 3250 RP each, or $25.

Who accepts paysafecard?

The most widespread use are online games; for example, League of Legends accepts paysafecard in 41 countries as of 2018. Examples of other partners accepting paysafecard in 20 or more countries include PlayStation 4, Steam, Guild Wars, Second Life, Skype, Facebook and Newegg.

Is paysafe the same as PayPal?

Two of the top merchant service providers are Paysafe and PayPal. While PayPal’s standard platform is geared more towards consumer-to-consumer transactions, its Payments Pro service is more on par with Paysafe’s business focus. Paysafe and PayPal both have robust services and rich track records.

Is paysafecard free?

If you do not yet have a my paysafecard account, you can sign up for one here, free of charge.

What can you pay with paysafecard?

paysafecard is accepted in thousands of online shops and online providers across the entire world, from games to sporting bets to poker, all the way to music, films and entertainment.

Where can I buy paysafecard in League of Legends?

What countries support the paysafecard payment feature? paysafecard is a safe and easy way to purchase Riot Points (RP) onto your League of Legends account without requiring a bank account or credit card. Currently, paysafecards are available from 300,000 sales outlets worldwide.

Do you get less RP with a paysafecard?

So u have to cash in 2 x 10€ and u will get less RP (which ofc isn’t that much but it will stack) in this case 20€ and 35€ are pretty useless. And PLEASE don’t downvote because u don’t use Paysafecards.

What does the 16 digit code on paysafecard stand for?

Pay online at participating merchants by simply using the 16-digit code on your paysafecard. paysafecard stands for total security. Find useful information here on paying safely online and protecting yourself against scams.

How do you put money in a paysafecard?

it’s because you could just buy many 10€ Paysafecards put them together with the ‘add’ button and transfer the money to a bank account. Like this you could put fake money onto a bank account without getting caught.